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Aeropress Review: How well does it brew?

The AeroPress is of the most common devices with a crowd of manual brawlers. But why is that? Just read our review to find out! At first glance, the AeroPress looks like a bit of a toy. And the company behind it — Aerobie — is actually a producer of frisbees. The AeroPress, however, is more than capable of delicious coffee brewing. The gadget has been proving to be one of the most popular options among specialty coffee lovers in recent years.
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For me, The Tenshi Coffee thinks most gourmet coffee makers are going to have a lot of joy, and certainly, decent coffee without spending too much money. If youre talking of getting a coffee maker that can produce one or two cups in a rush, this will be on your mind.  

For whom is the AeroPress suitable?

One of the primary strengths of the AeroPress is its compact size. .You can easily put it into your usual backpack and carry it to work or on vacations. Regardless of your purposes, it will be small and lightweight enough. The small size, however, also means that the capacity of the AeroPress is somewhat limited. If youre just brewing for one or perhaps even two people, this is no problem. However, it becomes more difficult to try to serve coffee for larger groups quickly. With that in mind, any coffee lover who needs to brew a quick cup in the morning seems to fit the brewer. Similarly, you had a better look elsewhere if you have to brew coffee for your family or for a larger party.
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Build quality

The AeroPress is made of plastic material that is free from PBA. With each new iteration, the material was slightly altered over the years.The new model was a semi-transparent gloomy, grayish stuff, which is not only fantastic but still quite immune to wear and tear. 
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There is a flexible rubber seal in the plunger component itself. This means that all parts can be easily cleaned.  Even though the tool is made of rubber and plastic, it is very robust. In normal cases, the plunger is subjected to a little pressure, but none of the devices is broken by it. The older models were a little more susceptible to scratching, but this ended with the latest and slightly improved design and material.  


Before inventing the brewer his main claim to fame was the Aerobie Frisbee. As mentioned in the section above the brewer is extremely sturdy.
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The brewer is incredibly durable, as mentioned in the section above. But lets focus on the design and some of its functionality a little more. The small coffee maker can brew in 2 distinct ways: Inverted and normal.
  • First, a paper filter needs to be rinsed and inserted into the plastic disk.
  • Then you add ground coffee, remember to follow a precisely measured water dose.
  • You plunge after that.
  • Voila: Coffee is there for you! Of course, theres a lot to make a better cup of joe than that, but you get the basics. 
The design is not only revolutionary and innovative at the same time, but also quite practical in many ways: Basically, the brewery cleans itself while it is brewing.  

Easy to use

Its very easy to use the brewer, but theres a learning curve. Of course, you can just start using the usual beginner recipes that you can find them online, but at the same time, you can add millions of tiny modifications as you go along. In this sense, the brewer is a source of great fun. Its easy, but as your skills grow, the options are unlimited when an Aero-barista grows.  One thing I want to mention, however, is that you will surely use a range of best practices and strategies to produce better coffee quicker. Good coffee is easy with the AeroPress but its completely different to make genuinely heavenly coffee. Youll see our “dirty” recommendations in order to gain the best from the AeroPress.
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As mentioned above, there are a million different ways of brewing, all of which have their own influence on taste. Overall, however, its a machine that has more in common than espresso or French press, with the pour-over process. This is because of the use of a paper filter. A paper filter stops other coffee oils from reaching the final drink. A ton of people really prefers it, as it enhances the subtler aromas of coffee. However, a few more hardcore drinkers prefer a stronger and more oily coffee. You probably knew it if you were one of those people. Invest into another metal filter and use it instead of paper filters should definitely be considered.Review Aerobie AeroPressnbsp 5 There are a couple of various metal disk filters out there, but they do basically the same. Back in the days that the AeroPress was marketed as a little substitute to espresso – hence the name. Today, however, most people believe that their primary strength lies in conventional black coffee. That said, the AeroPress is a highly versatile brewer that can do just about anything. The AeroPress can even produce things like cold drip and cold brew.
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For a quick glance, the AeroPress seems like a bit of a toy. And the company behind it — Aerobie — is actually a producer of frisbees. The AeroPress, however, is more than just the capability to brew delicious coffee. The gadget has been proving to be one of the most popular options among specialty coffee lovers recently. Personally, I believe most coffee geeks would have a lot of fun with this little gadget, as well as good coffee, of course. If youre considering picking up a coffee brewer that can crank up one or two cups in a hurry, then this should definitely be on your radar.  

AeroPress is better than the French press?

The AeroPress is considerably more versatile than the French press. With their unique design, you can brew all kinds of coffee with it. Is that better, as well?  I will say yes. The design of this device gives you greater control over the process of brewing, but its also difficult to use it correctly.   

Is it really good for Aeropress?

Yes and no. Generally, making a truly gorgeous cup of coffee with this device isnt that easy. The types of cups that the best opponent pours out are hard to achieve. You can make some outstanding cups when you become an advanced Aero Barista, though.
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Is the plastic safe?

Yes, of course. its made from polypropylene, which is considered healthy and free from PBA.
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Is AeroPress well suited for espresso? 

It can create some powerful, concentrated shots, which will satisfy many, but it can not produce real espresso. There is no pressure close to nine bars. In the special Prismo cap, you must invest if you want to make it a little more like Espresso.

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