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The Ultimate Brew Down: Aeropress vs French Press

1AeroPress vs French Press 0
AeroPress is one of the steeping tools (pressing method) in conjunction with French Press, which uses hand pressure. AeroPress is designed to be used with filter paper, and the pressure is high so that it will save time, clean coffee extract (Cleanliness) does not carry “ephemeral” like French Press. Also made of plastic, AeroPress is convenient to take around and harder to break. But it is still very early to come here to conclude AeroPress better than French Press, lets see comparison AeroPress vs French Press clearly.
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Why are AeroPress vs French Press?

There are many methods of dispensing, but all follow a specific physical rule. For ease of covering, we will divide into four main methods: Boiling group such as Turkish coffee, Vietnamese Racket coffee. With Filter or Pour Over, we will have Phin Vietnam, V60 or Chemex bottle. Methods using pressure (es) include Espresso, Moka kettle, and Siphon. Finally we have French Press and AeroPress with the pressing way (Steeping) This is the first similarity that underpins the comparison between AeroPress and French Press, due to the same principle of using the pressure from the piston press to extract coffee. Secondly, in many families both of the dispensing tools are very simple to use. Many people will love the classic French Press feature but others like AeroPress s novelty, which is interesting and difficult to consider.  

The birth of AeroPress

Ten years ago, an inventor and engineering lecturer at Stanford University, USA-Alan Adler created Aeropress in 2005. Aeropress was an immediately welcomed widespread after its appearance. The reason Alan made this device was because the inventor was looking for a more balanced, smoother and cleaner coffee-maker than the French Press. When you prepare with French Press, coffee powder still mixes when you drink it in the coffee water, because there is no filter. Mix Aeropress with the traditional method Make coffee with AeroPress
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If you still do not know the principles of operation of AeroPress, you can refer to the article about making coffee with Aeropress.  

Pressure is bigger, then quality is better?

Like French Press, AeroPress is one of the mixing tools that allows users to customize many elements, from time , temperature, grain fineness, pressure, etc. in the preparation process. You will be more pressure with AeroPress because of the tight piston structure, tight rubber gasket, the extraction pressure will vary as well. The pressure couldnt reach 9 bars like Espresso, of course, but yes the French Press couldnt.  

With AeroPress, time is shortened

AeroPress also allows users to shorten the time they need to soak coffee because of the advantage of the significant pressure. Most types of coffee need to expand for 90 seconds to soak up. The rest have pressure support compared with an average of 5 minutes on French Press. Its a stunning figure. Coffee will always be hot as freshly prepared from boiling water, after many minutes of waiting, not cool down as French Press does.
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You dont have to worry that extracting coffee too quickly doesnt “release” the taste. Because how long it depends on the type of coffee you want to enjoy and the taste, as already mentioned. Those parameters are of course only for reference, so dont allow the coffee to cool off too long.  

Differences in taste

Not all tastier coffee is better, and not all French Press coffee can be mixed. Because the French Press has a steel filter piston that allows many of the coffee residues to pass through, the coffee needs to be ground to the largest size possible. Meanwhile, if you have Specialty Coffee, grinding raw coffee, seems “a bit sorry”, maybe coffee does not spread out the flavor? And AeroPress with accompanying filter paper will allow coffee filter more carefully, less “ephemeral” in the cup than the taste of balance, smooth and Clean than French Press. So if you dont like the coffee residue on the bottom of the glass, and expect a clean taste, AeroPress is right for you. In addition to the taste, the experience is also essential, you should not be too concerned about the problem of French Press coffee residue, because, in the traditional Turkish Coffee method of the Turks, coffee is boiled with water without filtering.  

AeroPress is easy to clean, and extremely difficult to break

For true lovers of coffee this isnt a big plus. But the French Press made of more fragile glass plus steel-piston pistons were also harder to clean than AeroPress compared to AeroPress made of plastic and rubber. But naturally this is no problem for those who love coffee.
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An AeroPress toolkit
  • Do not use electricity, completely phase by hand.
  • Compact size, lightweight, easy to clean, convenient to move.
  • We use specialized filter paper for a clearer and purer coffee.
  • Flexible use, not restricted, the bartender completely mastered the quality of brewed coffee.
  • Fast mixing speed, can mix many cups at once, suitable for family and group needs.
Another point to note is that AeroPress is easy to clean, but because filter paper is used. If you have an organic coffee pack on hand and need to consider environmental protection, then French Press is much more friendly than AeroPress.  

French Press is to chat with people

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The Turks have a famous idiom in the countrys coffee culture: “Nobody expects a cup of coffee, or a cafe – People need to talk to each other, coffee is an excuse.” When chatting with family and friends, you would not like to press AeroPress for each person, rinse, put coffee in, and repeat for each person. Lost all interesting, and there will be people irritated. To create an atmosphere, the French Press is more friendly, when with a large bottle you can mix 7-10 cups of coffee at the same time, everyone can sit to enjoy coffee with their story. Those are the basic comparisons in the mixing method between AeroPress vs French Press style. To be able to say which is better than the other is a lame thing, and it is best to experience to give yourself the most suitable method.

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