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Baratza Encore Review: Still Worth it in 2021?

Coffee making shouldnt be complicated, but it can often be from the perspective of a beginner who is trying to figure out what equipment to buy. The Baratza Encore Grinder is a fantastic choice for that individual who is excited to enter the world of lattes and espressos without any fuss.
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Save yourself the trouble of comparing product features, and let us do the work for you. VI Barista‘ll look at the pros and cons in this review of Baratza Encore Grinder, as well as who we believe this grinder is excellent for and what alternatives are available for those who might prefer a different option.

The Pros & Cons and Key Features:

Pros of Baratza Encore Grinder

  • 40 Different settings to grind
  • extremely simple and easy to use
  • powerful Motor for chewing through beans
  • Relatively reasonable price

Cons of Baratza Encore Grinder

  • No cutting edge or new technology
  • Smaller than usual size for a hopper
  • No option to control dosing portafilter
  • Might vibrate and shake when filled

Baratza Encore Grinder Key features

the most exciting aspect for a beginner is probably the 40 different grind settings from which you can choose as you want. We all love toys of fancy, arent we? But every one of those grinding settings serves a reason.
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You can make unique types of coffee by grinding your coffee beans up to a variety of consistencies. If youre going to try your hand to make espressos, lattes, and a range of other delicious drinks, youll need all those settings. Most grinders fail to include this multiple setting, often with fewer than 20. As well explain in the Baratza Encore Grinder review, you get far more value from a single grinder with double the number of consistencies. Youll also notice that despite the number of features, it has a straightforward design that makes it easy to use. You can throw those fresh beans into the hopper with very few buttons and get a cup brewed in minutes, which is perfect for a beginner. The Baratza Encore is built for beginners who are not interested in the cheapest grinders and also dont need the fanciest machines as a mid-range alternative. As a relatively cheap grinder, its a tremendous option for beginners, particularly for its build quality, but it is unlikely to please experienced brewmasters.

The Baratza Encore Grinder Review

Baratza had another famous line in recent years that went by the name “Maestro,” and while loved by many, they had some flaws in the manufacture that requires the company to replace them. Their replacement was the Encore, which was created to take over from the Maestro entry-level, which was much simpler but did the job for amateurs who wanted a simple machine. The Encore took all of the Maestros positives; simplicity, power, and beauty, and combined it with the superior build quality and a variety of extra settings. The outcome, the Baratza Encore, is one of their most popular models, and the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, unsurprisingly. But thats not to say its the best option for everyone, as we are going to clarify in this Baratza Encore Grinder review.  

Excellent value for money 

The price is the biggest consideration for many of us. We want to get the best possible value and stretch out our dollars as far as possible.
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As with other hobbies, you can invest as little or as much money as you want on coffee making appliances. Yet you dont always get what you re paying for, and even the most expensive computers arent worth every cent. Although the Encore is obviously not the best grinder on the market, it doesnt aspire to be, there is a great value for money, and its a champion in that pursuit. The Baratza Encore shows some of the best money spent on coffee.
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With many features of far more expensive options, youll be amazed at how affordable the Encore is. Although it does not have any of the luxury models convenience options, it is not sacrificing quality either. Baratza chose to concentrate their attention entirely on the critical features, creating a grinder that can offer a variety of consistencies without the hassle of the heavy price tag.

Quiet Early Morning Gearbox 

A common joke in the coffee industry is that producers never make coffee in the morning because it wouldnt be so loud if they had all their grinders done. Its no exaggeration to state that many of the most popular models can wake your family and your neighbors up as well.
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That is a real problem for those of us who enjoy a fresh morning cup. Baratza seeks to be distinctive at its best. The Encore isnt silent, and its definitely not the cheapest grinder available, but its fairly quiet when compared with similarly sized alternatives with the same power level. In particular, youll notice the gearbox they re using is made of plastic rather than metal. As you might expect, this means that gears appear to wear faster than qualified alternatives, but these grinders still cost a fraction. Unlike negotiating choices, the product they are using is made of 15 percent glass-filled thermoplastic that is more durable than the product you may be used to in other appliances.

Slow and Steady 

Coffee beans tend to bounce around rather than grind, which for coffee lovers is a frustrating and peculiar paradox. You need strength but patience to battle them. The Encore has a powerful engine, but instead of letting it prevents the beans from bouncing around instead of cracking.
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This slow and steady pace helps you to make the perfect coffee grind. If you grind your beans too quickly, it will build up excess heat, allowing the beans to sweat and release the oils you want to hold for optimum coffee flavor. But if you grind too slowly, by the time you get ready to brew, half of the coffee will become cold and dry. Finding the right balance is tough, but Baratza has extensively tested their machines to ensure that the blades will spin at just the right place regardless of the setting you select. The Encore never speeds up or slows down at 450 revolutions per minute, thus maintaining the ideal speed for a flavorful cup.  

Simple and sleek, without unnecessary features 

The Baratza Encore is not fancy. It doesnt have any of the more expensive grinders useful features, but it doesnt cost nearly as much, either.
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Instead, the Baratza has a sleek and simple design featuring an on-off switch, a fast grind button, and a grind thickness dial. Without unnecessary features, this machine is simple but is a positive rather than a negative for a simple beginner.  

Alternatives to Baratza Encore Grinder 

Sometimes the Baratza isnt for you. If this is the case, we would suggest a model with a few more gadgets and options for more advanced users. But if youre a beginner who doesnt want a professional machine to splash out, the Encore could be a perfect choice. That said, there are a few other choices for you here.  

The Breville Dose Control Grinder

The Breville Dose Control, which is available at a price point not unlike the Baratza Encore, provides you 60 grind settings and a bigger hopper that holds up to 12 ounces of beans.
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Reviewers, however, appear to have longevity issues, often dealing with the gearbox and power issues. Despite some of the complaints, Breville is an industry-respected brand, and its products are generally of good quality. The Dose Control, like the Encore, is also aimed at beginners and represents decent value for money if not bordering on a slightly overpriced one.  

The Capresso Infinity

Another option is the Capresso Infinity, which can churn through a complete batch of beans three times faster than the Encore but slow at only 250 RPM.
The Baratza Encore Grinder
Unlike the Encore, this model includes a power switch timer, which is a helpful feature for those of us who are easily distracted. Plus, youll notice it can handle roughly one ounce more per batch with a slightly large hopper. Furthermore, where the Encore takes 40 different grind settings to a table, the Infinity presents a disappointing 16, and it could be struggling with an espresso grind. Nonetheless, its a budget alternative that might work for beginners who just want thicker grind consistency.

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