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The 3 Best Coffee Grinders for AeroPress in 2021

It would be best if you ground fresh to get the most out of the Aeropress, as this Pre-Ground Coffee cant help you enjoy all the speciality coffee potentials. The Aeropress has long been a typical coffee lover, but its actually more sophisticated than you think in its pure and beautiful design.
The best Aeropress coffee grindersnbsp 0
Its just because a toy manufacturer has created this system that doesnt mean that you should bend the guidelines that you follow with specific brewing methods. This includes every time fresh ground beans are used. You will also recommend having a Coffee grinder so that you can get the excellent quality of the beans.   

Grinding fresh is better than pre-ground 

The first fundamental concept when purchasing decent coffee, whether youre using Aeropress or not, is that whole bean coffee is more important than the pre-ground stuff you might get in the store, typically in fun containers. Its because entire beans have much better freshness than when theyre ground. 
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Just as soon as it is grounded, the coffee begins to slow. Owing to the increased surface area subjected to sun, oils and other compounds in coffee beans, the taste of the beans evaporates and decays even more rapidly.  You might think buying pre-ground sealed coffee, which has been vacuumed, retains a lot of this taste, but even airtight packaging cant help the beans to avoid losing their taste.  Buying all the seed coffee and grinding it in just a few minutes – or just a few seconds – before brewing is the perfect way to make sure you have the boldest taste, even without losing some of the subtleties of the seed, whatever the grind you re using.   

A grinder instead of a blade grinder 

If youre trying to stop purchasing pre-ground coffee, so the next step is to choose the right grinder. Some of the fresh coffee drinkers in the home product section of each major box shop will settle for a cheap blade grinder. Dont make this horrible mistake, man! 
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Blade grinders grind coffee much less regularly than burr grinders which deliver uneven extraction to the brewers. Unwelcomed sour and acidic flavours would be over-extracted from the smallest particles of coffee, whereas fragile tones will be missing from the larger particles. 
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In addition, the metal blades of the blade grinder will create a large volume of heat that can alter the flavour of the beans themselves, particularly if they are light roasts.  Burr grinders act as a nested set of conical burrs that rub against each other to crush coffee beans evenly. These grinders tend to be a little more costly than blade grinders, but they are promised to give you decent grounds for standard grinding, which provides you with the same cup of coffee every morning.   

No need for the most expensive model

Although switching from pre-ground coffee to freshly ground coffee beans will significantly improve your cup, the Aeropress is pretty forgiving when it comes to grinder quality. Its more important for things like pour-over or the French press, but not in this case. 
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Depending on the different ingredients, the Aeropress needs a medium to fine grind, but it doesnt need to be completely smooth for a good cup. Thanks to its excellent filter, the Aeropress is capable of sifting away a variety of fine coffee particles that end up in the mug utilizing another method of brewing.
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If money isnt a problem, you might want to go for a high-end grinder, but a daily blender will most likely be enough for budget-minded people.   

Top Aeropress Coffee Grinder 

Porlex mini for the traveller

The Porlex Mini is one of the electric burr grinders. The minimalist styling and the stainless steel construction make it perfect for the look and sound of the Aeropress. It has been updated many times in the last few years and appears to have a much more structurally sound design. 
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The lightweight motor is just 130 mm long and 47 mm in diameter, making it easy to fly anywhere. It suits exceptionally well with the Aeropress as it fits snugly into the Aeropress, making it a breeze for a ride.  The disadvantages of the Porlex Mini are mostly attributed to the fact that it is only a manual grinder in the centre. It takes time and resources to rely on how many beans you ground at once. Its obviously not a question of one or two brews, but if you have to do it every day as soon as you wake up, you may be beginning to get on your nerves!   


This is an updated version. It also has durable steel burrs and ultra-smooth bearings. The handle and style have changed a little bit. 
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Unlike the Porlex Mini, this one even fits inside the Aeropress, which helps you to make efficient use of your luggage property.  Its more costly than the Porlex, but youre going to get a lot of money. This grinder is more reliable, and it gives you a tastier cup. At the same time, the less grinding effort is needed, as it has a bearing.  There are a number of advantages of using an inexpensive, manual burr grinder. The 1Zpresso Q2 is indeed a burr grinder, even though it is hand-cranked, so the land it produces will be more accurate than the blade grinder. While small, it can still grind up to 20 g of coffee beans in one go, which is more than enough for two on a camping trip to have coffee.  

For home users: Baratza

The Baratza Encore is known to be an everyday workhorse that gives you regular grinds quickly and softly. Plus, he got a reasonable price, too.
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The Baratza Encore can also grind 40 different settings, from super fine to rough everywhere. Most probably, this will be a medium and positive thing for the Aeropress, which is what makes the Baratza Encore shine. Although more expensive grinders may provide more reliable grinding, the advantages of finer grinding are much less obvious. The Baratza Encore also offers incredible ease of use, with a large front-end pulse button and adjustable grind size, both easy to use and for beginner-level brewers.  

Fantastic customer service

If you havent been persuaded of this yet, Baratza is also popular for its excellent customer service, particularly the replacement of worn-out pieces. As it supplies high-quality grinders to so many parts of the world, replacing parts is not going to be a big deal. The downside of this is that the Baratza Encore comes with a silicone brass basket and a bean hopper that can become messy and get ground beans trapped on their surfaces. However, a brush or other light touch may aid. Its also expected to be louder than a hand grinder. The noise level, though, is about the same as that of other mechanical burr grinders.

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