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Top 10 best coffee makers 2021 | The Tenshi Coffee

With a coffee maker, you can enjoy coffee easily at home. You may be wondering which coffee machine is the best among the machines from brands like Philips, DeLonghi, Melitta, Wacaco, Donlim, Hario, Zojirushi, Tiross, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, or Texet. Also, you have to consider various useful features such as drip coffee maker, espresso maker, or capsule.

In this article, The Tenshi Coffee will show you how to choose the best coffee maker, so you can find the machine that suits your needs. Do not forget to refer to the best coffee makers today and how to prepare delicious coffee at the end of the article.  

How to choose a coffee maker

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Select the type of coffee machine according to your preference

First, consider the features of each type of coffee machine.

  • Traditional Drip Coffee Machine (Drip)

Drip coffee machines are the most popular among manufacturers. You just need to put the coffee on the filter and pour hot water downwards, and the coffee will be extracted slowly into the lower container. With a drip coffee machine, you should use coffee powder to make it easier to prepare than nuts.

Drip coffee makers are usually made of glass or stainless steel with different degrees of heat retention. If you want to drink coffee right after brewing, the glass coffee machine will be the right choice. At the same time, the stainless steel material will have higher insulation capacity, suitable for you to enjoy coffee. Slowly.

In particular, do not forget to check the dripper (filter) of the coffee machine. If the filter has only one derivative hole, the coffee will be perfectly extracted, while with the multi-hole filter, you will quickly have a cup of coffee. Besides, if you want to use a separate filter funnel, you need to check the size to see if it fits the machine.

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If you do not have a coffee grinder, you can also choose the type of drip that can attach to the blender. Of course, freshly ground coffee is more delicious, but if preserved whole, the aroma and taste of the coffee will last long, so you can judge a general way.  

  • Capsule Coffee Machine (Capsule) – Easy to Use and Hygiene

If you are busy, do not have much time, then the coffee capsule machine will be the perfect choice for convenient use as well as easier cleaning than other types of machines.

With a compactly packed coffee capsule, you wont need to measure the usual amount of coffee powder. However, coffee capsules have a higher price besides ease of use and cleaning with many different flavors for you to choose.

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Although the appeal of this machine is that you can try different flavors of compressed coffee capsules, but depending on the manufacturer, there will be many different flavors. When choosing a coffee maker of this type, try to check if the flavor of coffee you like is available on the market or not, and at once, you can buy how many capsules.  

  • Coffee Machine Professional and Luxury Syphon

The syphon coffee maker is large, and you can easily see how the coffee is brewed in the machine with a stylish design as an interior item. By using steam pressure, the syphon coffee maker requires you to use more skills than other types of machines. Therefore, if you are particularly interested and want to try the coffee flavor, you can choose this professional coffee maker.

If you choose an automatic, electric syphon coffee maker, you can use it easily and securely with the magnet power cord design.  

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Espresso Machine – Variety of Types (Manual and Automatic)

Although the name is called Espresso coffee machine, but in addition to espresso, you can make regular coffee. With an espresso machine, you can manually or automatically brew a variety of coffee types such as ground coffee, tablets, or even drip coffee with a filter design.

When you choose a machine with a pressure of about 9 bar, you can create a delicious espresso coffee. In particular, consider the price of the product to use the espresso machine regularly and permanently.  

  • Check Features and Specifications

Each coffee maker has different features or specifications, so check the basic criteria to suit your usage situation and lifestyle.  

  • Capacity 700ml Easy To Use

Coffee machines are usually located in the kitchen space, so you need to check the size of the machine to have an appropriate installation and storage location, without affecting your daily life.

A cup of coffee usually has a capacity of 140ml, so you need to consider the number of family members enjoying coffee at the same time or consider more about the number of visitors to the house to choose the capacity of the coffee machine. If we want a machine with a slightly larger capacity than other machines, it will be better.

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In addition to the type with the coffee jug, there are also types you can order the coffee cup and make one cup at a time. If you do not make too much coffee at one time, but live alone, perhaps you should choose such a product, it will be easier to use.  

  • Easy To Disassemble, Clean Is Easy To Use

If a coffee machine is difficult to clean, daily use will become troublesome. Therefore, for long-term use, you need to pay attention to dismantling the machine parts or choosing a machine with a simple structure for easy cleaning after each use.

In particular, when the machine is broken, check to see if you can replace parts or have warranty service, repair support from the manufacturer.  

Check out more other useful features

Besides the above basic technical criteria, you should check out some other useful features such as “steam,” “timer,” “automatic shut-off,” or convenient nozzle to create “milk foam.” With many additional features, the product price will be higher than conventional machines, so consider your wallet.

The timer feature is also a feature that you should know.  

Top 10 best coffee makers

Right now, lets explore the best coffee maker today.  

Texet coffee maker CF-250 (1000W-1.5L)

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Timer mode with smart lights for busy people

The Texet coffee maker has a jar made of good heat-resistant glass, with a smart sensor design and indicator light to brew coffee at the correct temperature, not too high or making the coffee burnt. In particular, the bell system will let you know if there is too little water to make coffee.

Also, the Texet has a timer mode, which helps you warm up or make coffee conveniently at any time of the day, suitable for people with busy schedules. At the same time, with the design of a durable fabric filter funnel as well as a removable container and filter feature, you can clean it quickly after use.  

Zojirushi coffee maker EC-GAQ40-TA (650W-0.54L)

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Cleaner coffee and warm, delicious coffee are always ready

To make delicious coffee, not only coffee but also water plays an important part. The Zojirushi has a special activated carbon filter to deodorize the chlorine odor in the water, giving you the best coffee cups. In particular, you do not need to remove this filter and still be able to pour coffee simply.

If you prefer to have warm cups of coffee, the machine comes with an automatic keep-warm function, keeping the full aroma of coffee. In each brewing, you can make about 4 cups of coffee, enough for a family of 4. It is also convenient to use at the reception. You can mix and bring coffee anytime the coffee is still warm.  

Hario coffee syphon “Technica” TCA-3 (0.3L)

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Professional syphon for people who like to enjoy the mixing process

This is a coffee machine suitable for those who like to sip coffee. With the Syphon coffee maker, due to the high pressure, the water will be pushed all over the cylinder. You just need to stir and turn off the alcohol, waiting for the coffee to flow back to the bottom of the jar to enjoy it.

Although making coffee is not as quick as other machines, this way of making coffee has aromatic and more aromatic coffee flavor. Especially, you can experience the process of making coffee from start to finish thanks to the transparent glass jars. Beautiful vase not only suitable to put in the kitchen, dining room but also to create an interior decoration in the living room.  

Wacaco minipresso GR (70mL)

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Portable espresso mini coffee machine, convenient to carry when traveling

Wacaco portable mini coffee machine has a compact design (only 17.5 cm) with a bag, helping you to enjoy different types of coffee everywhere quickly and conveniently, without using batteries or complex power sources. You can take it on a picnic or when going to work or school.

With the semi-automatic hydraulic pump system (8 bar), you just need to press the piston a few times to be able to prepare a real espresso, not inferior to the automatic coffee machines. Besides, you can easily disassemble parts, clean the machine easily and prepare for the next journey offline.  


Melitta enjoy top therm filter coffee maker – white / black (1000W – 1.25L)

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Make a bitter coffee depending on your interests and mood

The Melitta coffee machine is made of stainless steel, has a rotating filter design, insulated and shockproof coffee containers allowing you to use them safely, even with one hand. In particular, with the automatic shutdown after 40 minutes, you will save power consumption when not in use or forget to turn off the computer.

With the exclusive patented Aroma Selector® mode, you can rotate the button to choose a strong, light coffee flavor according to your taste, mood, and habits. In addition, the lid also helps you open or close the machine easily with just one button Easy Click only  

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker – red / black (1500W – 0.8L)

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Make coffee with tablets up to 30 flavors

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee maker makes an impression at first glance with a penguin-shaped design with two colors: vibrant red or modern black, giving you a new style of full capsule coffee. Batch and easy to use offline. Compact machine, suitable for people living alone, or located in the kitchen or office with small machine space.

Although the only minus point is that the machine only uses compressed coffee beans. Still, with Flowstop technology, you can choose up to 30 different flavors of compressed coffee to enjoy daily from Espresso, Cappuccino to Chococino, for you to enjoy. At the same time, the machine also has an automatic shut-off mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, helping you to save optimum power. Affordable price is also an attractive point of the product.  


De’Longhi Pump Espresso coffee machine Dedica EC 685.M – Gray / Black / Red (1300W-1.1L)

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Simultaneously mix 2 cups Espresso or Cappuccino faster, stronger

DeLonghi coffee maker has a 2-nozzle design, which helps you to make two different cups of coffee at the same time, such as Espresso, Cappuccino with creamy foam, or tablet coffee, with a light taste Customizable thanks to the line break mode. This feature is quite suitable for use when receiving guests or when your family has two or more people.

If you prefer a strong flavored coffee, this is the right product. With the 40-second Thermoblock heating system and fast brewing mode, you will make the rich coffee cups extremely quickly. In addition, although the machine has a high operating capacity, when not in use, the machine will switch to standby mode, helping you save power consumption offline.  

Philips coffee maker HD7431 / 30 (700W-0.6L)

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Elegant pink coffee machine, suitable for gifts

The Philips coffee maker with a soft, smooth pink color scheme, easy to coordinate with the surrounding furniture, will be the perfect choice for women to use. With its compact size, you will easily place your neat coffee machine in the kitchen space, without consuming a lot of storage space.

At the same time, with the intelligent nozzle design inside the machine, you will have evenly brewed coffee cups, keeping the flavor from the first to the last. Besides, you can also disassemble the filter for easy cleaning. This is also a nice device to use as a gift for the people you love.  


Electrolux coffee machine Electrolux ECM3505 (920-1100W, 1.5L)

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Savings, daily black coffee, made simple

If you often drink coffee and want to make it quickly, this is a suitable product. This is one of the simple coffee machines today, can mix up to 12 cups of coffee at the same time, suitable when you are receiving guests or having a large family. The black coffee machine from a quick and aromatic coffee bean is also considered to be durable.

Although it does not have many functions like making many different types of coffee, this is an affordable and convenient machine suitable for you who need to make black coffee daily. It also has a detachable filter that is quite easy to clean, compact to help you use the space more effectively. The body also has a transparent water ladder, suitable for you to check the water level in the machine.  

Tiross Espresso coffee machine TS621 (800W-0.54L)

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Traditional Italian coffee machine can make milk frothing at the affordable price

The Tiross coffee machine meets Europes strict quality standards, has a stainless steel mesh filter design that is easy to clean and does not need to be complicated as paper filters after use. The attractive feature is a simple, modern design that takes no space but helps you to make delicious espresso and cappuccino cups with the perfect milk foaming nozzle.

It can be said that, compared to the coffee machines that can make milk cream and make cappuccino, this machine is quite affordable, only about 1 million VND. In 1 time, the device can brew from 1 to 4 cups, suitable for single people or small families. If you want to find a versatile machine that can make both espresso or cappuccino on a tight budget, this is a product that will probably satisfy you.

Above are our suggestions for top 10 best coffee makers. Hopefully, with this article, you can choose a good coffee maker for yourself.

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