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[Review] Top 10 Best Espresso Tamper must-have in 2021

You are in the right place if you are looking for a suitable espresso tamper to help complement your Espresso experience. Below The Tenshi Coffee listed the top 10 espresso tamper on todays market.

Espro 3058F tamper 

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The Espro 3058F calibrated flat tamper provides a uniform pressure every time it is used, meaning it creates a consistent and seamless espresso cup each time. This is because the manufacturer specifies it as a standard of 30 pounds of pressure. The tamper s weight is 1 pound, making it a heavy accessory for tampering and easily creating calibration pressure. This tamper comes in many different sizes which is one of the reasons that so many users love it, so you can easily find the right size for your device. Pros

  • It gives you a stable pressure of 30 pounds;
  • Available in many sizes;
  • Stainless steel stand with aluminum handle;


  • Expensive


Zoie and Chloe stainless steel tamper 

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The stainless steel zoie and chloe espresso tamper comes in three vibrant colors: green, red and yellow. The handle can be twisted to clean or change the handle to a new one with a different colour, thanks to the great design of the shaker. The Zoie and Chloe Inox Espresso have a size of just 49mm and will fit most espresso machines, particularly those with smaller portafiler baskets.  

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  • Color, stainless steel;
  • Good weight and design for ease of use


  • The base  be too small for larger filters;
  • Difficult to wash with dishwasher.


Tamper Rattleware

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Tamper Rattleware Round Handper is a reliable and robust tool built for a perfect espresso with a high durability, consistent press. It weighs about one pound to properly produce the pressure of 30 pounds required to create a seamless espresso. Tamper Rattleware has a 58 mm stand, and many port filters are designed to take that size into consideration. It comes complete with a black handle. Pros

  • Heavy construction, durable;
  • Flat stainless steel base;
  • Good price.


  • Slightly short handles, especially those with bigger hands, can be difficult to use;
  • No bells or whistles (personal preferences).


Tamper Benicci Espresso

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Tamper Benicci Espresso weighs about one and a half pounds, this is a reasonably heavy tamper and will put its weight on the screen when it packs espresso easily. This accessory is a rugged stainless steel piece with a shiny and durable silver design. It has a convex 58 mm stand designed to fit most home coffee makers, and helps packing clean espresso and a round bottom. Benicci Espresso Coffee Tamper has a 60-day money-back guarantee if customers dont like the fakes way of doing things.  

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  • Solid, single-body design;
  • Sixty-day money back guarantee;
  • Commercial steel, inox.


  • Metal can be easily scratched;
  • Only available in 58 mm size.


Apexstone 51mm Espresso Tamper

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Apexstone 51mm Espresso Tamper is an all-metal tamper with an espresso. It should also be noted that the chrome plating layer is resistant to rust and corrosion. So when it comes into contact with water, you dont need to be afraid. Despite its beautiful design and robust design, the price of this tamper device fits your budget well. The Apexstone has a 51mm stand, great for weighing about 1,280 pounds. Pros

  • Money-value;
  • Ergonomics and easy handling;
  • They are finely crafted and look premium.


  • Chrome coating is less durable than solid metal;


HIC Harold 43739 espresso tamper 

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If you dont want to invest in luxurious and expensive tampers but want an affordable tamper, please immediately consult HIC Harold. This tamper is appreciated, and the cheapest in our review. The device is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, it has a double base – one is 50mm and the second is 55mm. Although the handle is a bit difficult to hold because it does not have a dedicated handle, it is not too difficult to use like some other products. Pros

  • It is extremely affordable;
  • Its flexible, with two fundamentals;
  • Made from aluminium for food safety. Will not eclipse.


  • The weight is light. Thus, compressing your ground coffee requires more force.


Stainless steel Tamper Omgogo 

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Omgogo Inox Espresso is a tamper brand to consider as it is a high value for money and represents a great price for quality ratio. Use with the Rosewood handle is very handy and comfortable, and youll find it easy to maneuver. This is a lightweight espresso machine which is easy to hold and weighs in at 8.8 0z. When you want to compress your ground coffee with that sort of pressure, it will need more force. This is an industry standard with an industrial machine dimension of 49 mm, including a home coffee machine that uses a portafilter filter of 49 mm. It ensures durability as it comes with a stainless steel food grade base which is safe and durable. Pros

  • At an affordable value for money;
  • Lightweight and very manoeuvrable;
  • Clever handle.


  • Flat and non-convex base.


Stainless steel Tamper BlueSnail

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If you are looking for a high quality material but still affordable espresso tamper, then the BlueSnail Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper is suitable. The outside is made of high quality stainless steel while the inside is iron. The difference in materials explains its affordable price when compared to stainless steel tampers. BlueSnail has a 51 mm stand which is fully compatible with many consumer coffee makers, and you can easily apply sufficient pressure to compress your ground coffee. Pros

  • Good value for money;
  • Speak elegantly, and bring aesthetic beauty;
  • Lightweight and very manoeuvrable;
  • The facility is compatible with a great number of consumer machines.


  • Not a high-end model.


Tamper LuxHaus Espresso

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This espresso tamper brand is made from food-safe stainless steel. The ingredients are top quality, long-lasting, and durable and will not react with your coffee. The LuxHaus Calibrated Pressure Espresso Tamper is a great choice if you are looking for an espresso machine suitable for both personal and commercial use. The standard size for the LuxHaus is 49 mm. Perfect for a regular espresso machine. If you need to have something more flexible, then the 51 mm models that come with it are appropriate. Pros

  • Premium appearance and quality;
  • Food safety stainless steel;
  • Convenient handle.


  • Expensive;
  • A fragile inner spring mechanism.


Tamper Feenm 

19 Top 10 best espresso tamper 10

Sometimes, we need a heavy tamper tool that doesnt break or stop working when used in a professional environment. Specially formulated to handle rigorous work, Fperm Calibrated Espresso Tamper can handle hundreds of cups of espressos every day. This is a calibration shaker that contains a small spring inside to allow it to apply a homogeneous and uniform force to the ground coffee, no matter how you press the handle. Youll accurately blend 30 lbs of pressure at the base of the leg with each click to compress a thick coffee layer, creating a rich espresso. This tool is made of stainless steel 304 which is durable. Handy handle, diameter inside is 58 mm. Pros

  • The handle is comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Tamper calibration provides a consistent espresso flavor;
  • Tamper heavy that is durable and long-lasting.


  • Slightly high prices.


Buying guide

One of the most important parts of a great espresso is the coffee beans. Espresso tampers are tools used to compress evenly ground espresso into the machines portafilter. Sometimes, you can tighten your espresso with your fingers, but this is only good for small amounts.  


Tamper espresso is normally measured in millimetres. The minimum size is 48 mm and for some types can be as high as 58 mm. For the espresso machine you are using, a tamper must have the same size as the inner diameter and the basket diameter. Always check before buying to ensure it is compatible.  

Tamper: flat or convex

Tamper usually has two types of tamper: flat, and convex. When pressed into ground coffee, the portafilter content becomes a compressed coffee which is slightly convex. A convex manipulator over the plane has the advantage that the edge is slightly convex and prevents water from flowing into the portafilter before it can be extracted.  


Weight is an aspect to consider when buying tamper. Creating a strong espresso will make a big difference.  


The materials used in tamper manufacturing often determine product durability. It is made of high quality material, so it wont react with your coffee and will be cleaned easily. Its stainless steel is safer and more hygienic compared to other materials. Inoxidable steel is however heavier than other materials.  


You must check the handle when you buy a tamper and make sure it is well made, made of durable material and lasted a long time. The majority of tamper handles are made of high quality wood, plastic , or metal.

The Tenshi Coffee has just provided you with useful information about the 10 best espresso tamper today. Choosing an espresso tamper is very important, so let’s consider carefully before buying an espresso tamper.

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