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8 Best Instant Coffees of 2021 – Our Top Instant Coffee Picks

Currently, instant coffee is one of the popular coffee in Vietnam because it is processed, prepared very quickly, conveniently, and saves a lot of time. Especially, with busy people at work.
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However, there are many instant coffee brands on the market today. So which is the best instant coffee? Perhaps for those who love coffee, this is the question you want to learn, right? Through this article, we will specifically answer everyone. The best instant coffee brands:  

Tchibo instant coffee

Founded in 1949 by Max Herz in Germany, Tchibo Group (Germany) is one of the four leading coffee producers in the world. Tchibo coffee products have the delicate style that Tchibo has preserved and developed over decades. In particular, the design of Tchibo coffee pots is slim and modern with smooth but definitive lines. With the advantage of height being raised and narrower width, the design helps the product stand out more on the stalls, saving more display space, and more convenient for users.
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Besides the elegance and sophistication of the design, Tchibo uses Arabica coffee beans to bring a pure and quality flavor. All of Tchibo Groups coffee products meet international food standards (IFS). Thus, the products have satisfied consumers, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in the quality of contemporary coffee enjoying culture. Tchibo instant coffee is a decaffeinated coffee product from 100% Arabica ingredients. Therefore, this product is suitable for use in the evening, for customers who are intoxicated with caffeine, have a heart disease, stomach or pregnant women. Tchibo Instant Coffee is the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, so it has a strong taste but also has the typical aroma of natural Arabica coffee beans.  

K-Coffee instant coffee

In the instant and roasted coffee market, a new K-Coffee product line has been launched by a leading coffee export company. Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company is the owner of the above mentioned K-Coffee product group. K-Coffee has many soluble and roasted products such as 3-in-1 instant coffee K-Coffee Delight and 2-in-1 instant coffee K-Coffee Black, 100% pure roasted coffee K-Coffee Black, 100% pure roasted coffee K-Coffee Light.
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K-Coffee has a group of instant coffee products “3 in 1” K-Coffee Delight and “2 in 1” K-Coffee Black. With the convenience of preparation, this instant coffee will provide consumers with soothing milk coffee cups and black coffee in the right taste. According to the announcement of Phuc Sinh (the owner of K-Coffee), they have coffee beans from coffee growers under the International Sustainable Coffee Development (UTZ Certified) projects. Therefore, K-Coffee be exploited and processed in a closed process from clean farm to factory system meeting ISO, HACCP standards. These plants are equipped with machinery imported from Germany and Switzerland along with Italian roaster technology. The cultivation cycle of clean, sustainable biological standards and strictly controlled production processes create pure, pure coffee products, and always retain the natural flavor. All K-Coffee product lines are now available in most supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.  

MacCoffee instant coffee

Established in 1994, FES (Vietnam) Co., Ltd is one of the first companies to introduce the culture of instant coffee to Vietnam with 2 product lines: Strong MacCoffee 3 in 1 and Classic MacCoffee 3 in 1 . Besides, FES also provides Vietnamese consumers with other nutritious and convenient products such as MacCereal nutritious cereal or MacChocolate chocolate. Consumers increasingly favor FES products for their delicious taste and taste with Vietnamese people. In 2005, FES established a factory in Binh Duong, starting the conquest of the Vietnam market. Becoming the leading fast-moving consumer goods company in Vietnam with quality, nutritious products to bring a better life to consumers. MacCoffee 3 in 1 products were imported into Vietnam, which was considered the pioneer instant coffee product on the market at that time. MacCoffee Is also a line of coffee products with extremely high popularity. This is a product produced directly from Singapore, and in addition to the name MacCoffee, it also has another name that translates as Café Pho.
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They are located in the first types of coffee that appeared on the Vietnamese coffee market and became known as Pho coffee, and until now, they are always loved and trusted by Vietnamese people.  

MCI instant coffee

Me Trang coffee of Vietnam has become a global brand with more than 1000 employees directly & indirectly. The company has invested in building a factory with a total investment of nearly VND 300 billion, bringing the most modern lines into operation. Business network has been present in 64 provinces and cities with 15 branches, more than 50 distributors, agents, and supermarkets across the country and has expanded export markets to Russia, Korea, USA, Japan, Europe & Southeast Asia countries. Since its establishment, the company has focused on and invested significantly in researching new products, innovating designs, packaging designs, and brands. With special coffee products that have been loved by consumers for many years, Me Trang is gradually moving towards the best coffee brand in Vietnam. Me Trang is committed to continue to improve and further improve product quality, consumer service, and build strong brand development.
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MCI coffee is produced from the best quality beans in the red basalt soil of Ban Me Thuot – Vietnam. The original rich taste of filter coffee is completely retained in MCI coffee. MCI products are manufactured on modern lines. Therefore, MCI instant coffee guarantees the best quality for consumers. Drinking MCI coffee every day helps to keep your spirits refreshed, lucid, strong, and successful in all fields.   The main product lines of MCI instant coffee:
  • MCI 2in1 milk instant coffee: 
Features: The original rich flavor of filtered coffee is fully retained in MCI 2 in 1 coffee. You will feel the strong bitterness of the coffee blended with the sweetness of sugar. MCI 2 in 1 instant coffee is a great choice for a busy life.
  •  MCi 3 in 1 milk instant coffee: 
Features: Quickly convenient, passionate aroma, rich taste brings a feeling of refreshment and excitement.
  • MCI without sugar: MCI coffee is produced from the best coffee beans in the red basalt soil of Ban Me Thuot – Vietnam. 
Features: Quickly convenient, passionate aroma, rich taste brings a sense of refreshment and excitement.  

Nescafe instant coffee

Nestlé is the largest food and beverage group in the world. Nestlé has more than 2000 brands ranging from global iconic brands to local favorites, and Nestle is present in 191 countries around the world. Nestlé had a long history in Vietnam when it established its first representative office in Saigon in 1912. Since then, Nestlés famous birds nest symbol has become familiar to generations of families. Vietnamese people for over 100 years. Nestlés first factory in Vietnam is located in Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province.
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The factory produces products such as Nescafe, Maggi, Milo, Nestea, Nesvita. Up to now, Nestlé is operating six factories and more than 2000 employees nationwide. With a total investment of USD 520 million, Nestlé not only demonstrates the companys long-term commitment to development in Vietnam, but also wishes to improve the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for the world. Vietnamese family system. Nescafe – the oldest coffee brand chosen most worldwide in 5 consecutive years. Nescafe was officially produced in Vietnam in 1998 and has always received the trust and trust of many Vietnamese families. Nestlé shares a love and passion for coffee, bring Vietnamese people a delicious cup of coffee and wonderful coffee moments. The groups instant coffee products are among the best-selling instant coffee products currently on the market.
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1: Nescafé is proud to create a whole new generation of coffee, a perfect combination of roasted coffee and instant coffee. NESCAFÉ CAFÉ Viet is made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans gives you a pure Vietnamese black coffee with a strong, charismatic coffee flavor. NESCAFÉ 3in1 is an instant coffee made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans combined in harmony with sugar and milk, giving you a delicious, rich, and varied cup of coffee for every drink taste. Fill every moment of your life with NESCAFÉ 3in1 coffee with your favorite taste
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1- A rich sense of harmony: Gout coffee blends the taste of coffee and milk, now more delicious with the exclusive technology of roasting pureed coffee.
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1 Coffee flavor: Strong coffee flavor. Now more delicious with the additional technology of exclusive roasted ground coffee.
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1 Iced milk coffee: a strong coffee flavor blended with the gentle sweetness of real milk, resulting in a cup of pure Vietnamese iced milk coffee.
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1 Darkness: characterized by the creamy taste of milk, blended with a strong coffee flavor.
  • NESCAFÉ 3in1 Chocolate Coffee: The perfect combination of 100% pure Vietnamese coffee blended with real milk and quality cocoa NESCAFÉ CAFÉ VIET.
  • NESCAFÉ CAFÉ VIET is a trademark of NESTLÉ Vietnam, with a strong flavor of black coffee and an attractive aroma, to satisfy your passion for enjoying pure Vietnamese black coffee. Every moment in life with a cup of NESCAFÉ Café Vietnamese with your personal taste:
  • NESCAFÉ Café Viet Black coffee: Strong and sweet flavor
  • NESCAFÉ Café Vietnamese Instant black coffee: Strong flavor, no sugar, giving you the freedom to measure your taste accordingly.
  • NESCAFÉ RED CUP: NESCAFE Red Cup is 100% pure instant coffee (no sugar, no milk), for those who want to enjoy classic coffee, pure and unmixed, imported from Thailand Lan. There are 2 types of packaging: 200gr jar is very modern and luxurious, or a small convenient package 2g in a box of 15 packages.
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  • NESCAFÉ GOLD: The first premium instant coffee product line in Vietnam with NESCAFEs proprietary foaming technology, imported from Thailand, with the following flavors:
  • Cappuccino: Class of aromatic Italian coffee combined with light creamy milk cream gives you a cup of cappuccino with a smooth milk foam and a delicate aroma.
  • Latte macchiato: A class of Italian coffee that tastes like coffee, with greasy milk cream, gives you a latte macchiato with a thick layer of milk foam with a subtle aroma.

Vinacafe instant coffee

Vinacafe, also known as Vinacafe, is a brand of instant coffee products, and is also the common name for Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company. This is one of the leading well-known brand products and businesses in Vietnam.  The first products were in 1979, and now Vinacafe products are mainly for export. Later, when Vietnam shifted to a market mechanism, Vinacafe focused on developing instant coffee for the domestic market. With an instant coffee factory with a capacity of 3,000 tons/year, Vinacafe becomes a leader in instant coffee production capacity and technology in Vietnam. Vinacafe instant coffee has 4 main product lines bringing different flavors and characteristics for consumers to choose.
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  • Vinacafe GOLD ORIGINAL: Keep the original flavor for the past 21 years. The famous Vinacafe GOLD ORIGINAL has reached the hearts of millions of Vietnamese coffee lovers with the balance and harmony between 5 typical flavors: sour, bitter Mild, sweet, slightly astringent, and slightly fatty of milk. Quality coffee, quality of life – enjoy a sip of Vinacafe GOLD ORIGINAL like being gently immersed in 5 flavors of life.
  • Vinacafé GOLD strong gout: Vinacafé GOLD strong gout smells of the typical smoke of roasted coffee beans, pure from 100% Robusta so salty but taste of soil, wind, mountains of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Enjoy a sip of Vinacafé GOLD strong gout feeling like feeling adventurous spread between the immense plateau.
  • Vinacafé GOLD stronger gout retains the rich smell characteristic of coffee filter, gives a strong milk coffee flavor, spreads the aroma all over the mouth from the very first sip. – preserving the original fragrance of roasted coffee beans. For experienced coffee lovers, like the charismatic “substance” of filter coffee, it will be a great choice.
  • Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Me Thuot: From 100% of the famous Robusta coffee beans of Buon Me Thuot region, planted for 9 months by fertile red soil, dried for three weeks in the scented plateau, creating a Vinacafe Buon Me Thuot has a strong flavor of Buon Me Thuot.

King Coffee milk instant coffee

With more than 20 years of experience, King Coffee has the secret to creating milk coffee, quality instant coffee, bringing together the essence of coffee beans thanks to the innovative automatic roasting technology of Germany and top technology of Swiss .
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You do not have to learn how to make delicious iced milk coffee because if you are addicted to iced milk coffee, you will not be able to ignore King Coffees iced milk coffee. Milk coffee is characterized by a harmonious blend of dark black coffee and traditional condensed milk, bringing the original and typical flavor of Vietnam famous ice milk coffee. In the hot summer, you enjoy a cup of cool iced coffee with the aromatic aroma of coffee, greasy condensed milk, dispel the heat and enjoy relaxing moments.  

G7 Trung Nguyen Legend instant coffee

G7 Coffee is a brand of instant coffee of Trung Nguyen Group, including many different products such as G7 3in1, 2in1, G7 instant black, etc. launched to Vietnam market for the first time in late 2003. Vietnams instant coffee industry is a potential market, as 70% of people living outside major cities prefer this type of coffee due to its convenience, competitive prices and a wide selection. Before G7 appeared, Vietnam instant coffee market had only two main pillars: Vinacafe and Nescafe, including Nescafe at the time with the leading position with over 50% market share. In November 2003, G7 instant coffee was born, sharing the market share of both Vinacafe and Nescafe with the strategy of focusing on “ethnicity” in each product, taking the cultural understanding of indigenous consumers. In mid-2012, Trung Nguyen announced market research results from AC Nielsen, whereby G7 has become the No. 1 instant coffee brand in terms of market share and is the most popular consumer in Vietnam. Up to the present time, G7 products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world and are present on the shelves of supermarket chains of the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, and so on. G7 also appears on all Vietnam Airlines flights, and is the only coffee product serving international conferences in Vietnam such as APEC, ASEAN, ASEM, WEF, and global womens summit, Miss Earth 2010, as a diplomatic gift to the heads of monarchs.  
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With roasting and processing technology at Buon Ma Thuot and the control center in Germany – Only Trung Nguyen possesses European technology and Trung Nguyens indispensable know-how to create an instant coffee. The genuine, aromatic, and delicious G7 has the overwhelming quality of the worlds leading coffee from Switzerland with the G7 rate of 89%.
  • G7 COFFEE 3 IN 1: With roasting and processing technology in Buon Ma Thuot and the control center in Germany – Only Trung Nguyen owns European technology, and the secret cannot be copied of Trung Nguyen, creating A real instant coffee, delicious, convenient.
  • G7 Gout stronger X2 coffee: G7 Gout X2 is a flavor of instant coffee with a double concentration of strong coffee flavor for those with a strong taste, giving you a glass of strong coffee with good taste and strong coffee.
  • G7 2 in 1 instant coffee: G7 2 in 1 is an instant coffee product with the pure flavor of pure black coffee, the real taste of roasted Trung Nguyen ground coffee.
  • BLACK instant coffee: is a line of pure black instant coffee with no sugar, quality and rich taste, delicious taste right taste of coffee connoisseurs.
  • G7 Passiona 4 in 1 Coffee – Coffee for women: the product has a low caffeine content and adds collagen.
  • G7 White Coffee is a silver flavor: it has the light coffee flavor and the sweetness of milk, adding energy as a snack of the day.
  • G7 Cappuccino Coffee: includes G7 Cappuccino Hazelnut, G7 Cappuccino Irish Cream, and G7 Cappuccino Mocha taste of milk and cream.
Above is the knowledge related to the best instant coffee. Wish everyone enjoy delicious and healthy coffee every day.

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