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The 3 Best Milk Frothers & Steamers for Coffee

Milk shakers, milk steamers are indispensable equipment to create excellent coffee cups. So did you find the right product? The 3 Best Milk Frothers & Steamers for Coffee below are the suggestions for you.
Top 3 best handheld milk steamers today 0

Why should you buy a handheld milk steamers?

In your opinion, what makes a perfect cup of coffee? For us, a perfect cup of coffee, beside a strong flavor, must also have a beautiful appearance. If you have ever been to a professional coffee shop, you will find that people often create milk foam to make the coffee cup more creative and attractive. Moreover, milk foam also contributes to increase the sweet taste of coffee.
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Manual foaming is often very time-consuming, and foam is often uneven, unless you are the “expert” who specializes in making milk foams by hand. Thats why you and your coffee establishment should have handheld milk steamers.  

3 models of best hand-held milk steamers

Currently, there are many types of mini cafe milk steamers on the market, but it is highly appreciated including the top 3 products below:

Kahchan EP2188 milk steamers

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Kahchan EP2188 is a handheld milk foaming machine of Kahchan brand (Thailand). With a capacity of 550W and a capacity of 600ml, Kahchan EP2188 is chosen by many families and professional coffee shops to milk foaming, make hot and cold drinks, make custard coffee, cappuccino, milk cocoa, Matcha milk tea, etc. The body is made of shiny stainless steel, so it is super durable and does not rust. Insulated handle helps users feel secure when using.   

Kahchan EP2178 multifunction milk steamer

Kahchan EP2178 owns a compact, sophisticated design with a capacity of 450ml, a capacity of 410W. This device can perform various functions such as cold cream foaming, warm/hot cream foaming, making hot milk cocoa, iced milk cocoa, cappuccino, matcha milk tea, hot milk tea, or use to make and warm baby milk. Kahchan EP2178 makes milk foam quickly thanks to high-speed vortex movement and automatically disconnects after 5 seconds when the foaming has finished. With a hand-made milk foaming machine, Kahchan EP2178 in hand, you are free to create creative drinks, coffee that is both delicious and beautiful.  

Melitta Cremio II milk steamer

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Melitta Cremio II bottle of Melitta brand (Germany) owns 250ml capacity, 450W capacity, 1.3kg weight. The case is made of stainless steel, durable and always shiny. Melitta Cremio II can easily create a smooth milk foam for standard Italian latte, macchiato, cappuccino coffees. Not only that, but the device is also used to make drinks at home such as milk cocoa, fruit desserts and ice cream, etc. The inside of the device is coated with a nonstick layer that can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or towel. Min – Max ruler and display light system help users use it easily. The appliance will automatically disconnect when the milking process is completed or when the container has not been set to a minimum With the support of the top 3 handheld foaming machines, you will easily create delicious, attractive drinks, especially the standard Italian coffee cups.  

How to create standard milk foam with milk steamers

Making art coffee is the way to pour milk into a cup of coffee to create interesting shapes. And to make those interesting shapes, the main factor other than coffee is milk. Milk foam helps baristas create beautiful coffee art. So, how to make perfect milk foam? Below we will guide you through the operations of the milk steamers.

Things need to notice

– Use pasteurized milk is the best, and if it is pasteurized milk must be UHT (Ultra Heat Temperature) milk.
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– Always use fresh and cold milk to mix easily with the air to create milk foam. Do not reuse foamed milk. – The mug used to foam milk is not necessarily cold, but in order to achieve the best effect, it needs to be refrigerated. And most importantly, the mug and the milk steamer must be clean and dry.  

Steps to create standard milk foaming:

– Put the spout of milk steamer on the bottom of the milk about 1cm. – Open the valve of the spout (normally, depending on your own experience, open 3⁄4 or all the valve). Then put one hand on the bottom of the shaker to feel the heat, this time will create a long and rippling noise (because the milk is heated). – Slowly lower the whisk to 1 cm to maintain a long-lasting whistling sound (the sound of air being added to the milk to form milk foam).
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– When the milk has warmed to around 35–40 degrees Celsius, raise the milk mug to 1cm again to allow the milk to warm up and destroy the large bubbles created during the foaming process. – When the milk reaches a temperature of 55–60 degrees Celsius, immediately switch off the machine because after turning off the machine, the milk will continue to be heated. The best temperature is between 60–65 degrees Celsius. – Rinse the spout of milk steamer for about 1 second and wipe the milk steamer clean after use. – Shake the whisk evenly clockwise to the bottom of the whisk to eliminate bubbles.  

Notes on the process of foaming milk

– It is advisable to use a thermometer when foaming milk to create stability during milking times. – Do not soak the milk steamers into any liquid except milk and water. – Do not use a knife or any metal, abrasive pads to clean the milk steamers. This will cause it to be scratched to allow bacteria to accumulate. – Always clean to clean the milk steamer, if it’s not clean, bacteria will cling to and develop, affecting health. – Clean the milk steamer completely with a wet cloth or soak it in hot water for 3–5 minutes. The amount of milk foam required for a cup of coffee does not need too much, but just enough. The standard milk foam layer is considered a symbol of appetite and the culture of enjoying the art of coffee. Once you know the art of making coffee and enjoying beautiful cappuccino or latte, everyone wants to create them with their own hands. Hopefully, the recommended milk steamers above and the technique in the article can help you make a delicious and beautiful cup of coffee.

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