How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 4
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How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop?

The Tenshi Coffee will learn how to choose an espresso machine for a cafe. There are many criteria for us to choose from, such as brand, price, capacity, style. But we only mention the essential part, not one type of machine – a specific brand at all. I hope you can pick the right computer to choose your café with this experience. 
How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 4
Types of professional espresso machines  
  • Manual  
  • Semiautomatic  
  • Automatic  
  • Superautomatic  
Commerciality and critical parts of espresso machines  
  • Groupheads, boiler size and machine power  
  • Groupheads ability to keep temperatures stable  
Lets choose the right machine for your capacity.

Types of professional espresso machines – Commercial espresso machines

There are four types of espresso machines on the market; they are classified based on usage:
  • Manual – Mechanical Use by pressing the lever with your hand, creating pressure to make espresso. This is the preferred machine for professional baristas in Italy and Europe.
  • Semi Automatic – Semi Automatic machine. Barista will choose a time to finish the espresso-making process.
  • Automatic – Automatic engine. It has a processor to measure the time and amount of water flowing out. The tool will automatically select the time to finish the espresso-making process.
  • Superautomatic – Superautomatic machine. The device will do it all with just one button, from grinding coffee beans, making coffee, removing coffee grounds.

Mechanical machine – Manual coffee maker

How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 3
Sometimes called the piston coffee maker, and it is specially designed for the home coffee maker market. Only a few companies produce this model due to low demand. The mechanism of this series is straightforward but also very reliable. Many professional barista in Italy believe that there is no way to make a perfect espresso without using this machine. Also because it is a mechanical machine, it is not suitable for cafes with a large number of customers over 300 guests a day or cafes serving especially busy office workers at lunch break. However, one feature of this model is that you may not need electricity. This makes them great when used at fairs or served on a mobile cafe. Also, their low cost and low maintenance costs make them an excellent choice for low-traffic locations.  

Semi Automatic espresso machine

How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 2
This machine often has a group; rare types have 2-3-4 groups. The reason is that the barista must press the coffee button and also have to “watch” to stop it, so the more the group, the more challenging to use because it can not do so many things at once. Besides, this model also requires you to invest in training employees to have a perfect espresso. Do not forget that when crowded, an employee must mix espresso – milking – adding chocolate to a glass to make mocha handle a lot of work at once, so espresso is natural to be over-extract in these cases. In Italy, vending machines are top-rated due to very well trained baristas. In most cases, this model works well if you only intend to buy one. And because you only need to watch one group at a time, everything is under control. One advantage for this model is that they cost less than automatic models because manufacturers often ignore the mechanical features, but also because the system checks pressure – steam temperature requires a more skilled barista (automated machines with microprocessors to control these). 9Selection criteria for best espresso coffee machines 2 The automatic dispensers feature a microprocessor programmed to perform various functions. If you have a lot of customers and employees have to do many things at the same time, this is the right machine. Staff just press the espresso button, then they can go to milk, the device will automatically watch the time – watch the amount of water and stop when everything is done. They range from one group to four groups. Today, with the development of technology, people integrate a lot of features into the machine; there are machines that incorporate all three types of sniffers: traditional snouts, semi automatic snouts, and sniffers fully automatic. The line of automatic coffee machines also proved superior when each group had five adjustment buttons such as short/long single, short/long double, and a manual switch. This manual button is essential because it allows you to customize and store your espresso program, to serve demanding customers. And before the automatic coffee machine section, you should also remember that a bar – a cafe is rated “good” because customers love the sound of the coffee grinder – the music of milk – even the sound. Employees divide jobs, creating a “beautiful” space…  

Superautomatic espresso machine

How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 1
The term “superautomatic” is used to refer to the type of coffee grinder – press coffee – make espresso and then push the coffee grounds into the container. These machines are more expensive, but of course, they serve very well for the high-end operating place. In places like fast food bars, bars, hotels, and many other places, places that need “speed” rather than actually need a barista, and the “main” product is a different product rather than the coffee. Another advantage is that the superautomatic machines provide almost identical coffee cup quality, providing you with consistency in the product.  In fact, for many cases, homogenous products are much more critical, and they take up less space. Compared to a traditional coffee machine, you have to train barista, must strictly ensure everything, even comply with customer commitments, the superautomatic machine is a perfectly reasonable option, only pressing the button will give you a premium cup of coffee. You will save staff – time to prepare drinks. If making money, the superautomatic coffee machine is the fastest payback line. 9Selection criteria for best espresso coffee machines 1 The structure of the superautomatic machine is quite complex, so it requires strict cleaning. Many devices have built-in automatic cycle cleaning programs, diagnose the status of the engine, and notify the LCD screen. Superautomatic models now often have two coffee grinders and a milking nozzle, and often have many other features such as having a milk fridge for customers to serve themselves, accepting payments by swiping cards… Just Like other coffee makers, besides the features of the machine, you have to choose based on the capacity of the cafe, otherwise you will be very quickly disappointed.  

Commerciality and critical parts of espresso machines

Groupheads, boiler size and machine power

The most important part of choosing an espresso machine is that you have to understand the machines expected supply and match it to your cafes capacity. What happens if your bar serves 200 cups of espresso a day, but you buy an espresso machine that only has 50 cups? The amount of grouphead, the size of the boiler, the engine power helps you determine the number of espresso cups you can produce per hour, the amount of steam available for whipping. The boiler size lets you know your machines ability to supply steam and hot water. 01 group machine is usually 1.8 – 5 liters, 02 group machine is 5 – 12 liters, 03 groups are 11 – 18 liters, 04 groups are 20 – 22 liters. The preparation of your coffee is most affected by the size of the boiler; using hot water is the most energy-consuming machine (for example, americano). Is decaf coffee good or bad 2 Therefore, it is essential to consider whether you usually use double shot (60ml) or single-shot espresso (30ml), as well as the size of the drink (we typically have three sizes of glasses are small, medium and large). If you often serve 450ml and 600ml glasses, you should recalculate more than restaurants that only serve 240ml or 360ml cups. The capacity of the machine dramatically affects the recovery speed of the device. Companies often take a lunch break and eat very quickly. If you usually sell Americano or Crema Core, then you need a high-capacity machine. And for different manufacturers, the capacity is also different; the 02 group machine usually has an ability of 3000 – 4000W. Machine 01 group, only at 1200 – 1600W.  

The ability to keep the temperature stable

The number of groups, the size of the boiler, the machine capacity is significant; you must make sure they are suitable for your shop. And there is another factor that significantly affects the quality of the espresso, which is the water temperature used for the preparation. It sounds simple, but the heat is the culprit that causes weak quality espresso cups, it happens more often than ground coffee beans with the wrong size. The optimum temperature is 95 ° C – 203 ° F. We have seen machines with different temperatures up to 12 ° C in a few minutes (possibly due to insufficient capacity). 9Selection criteria for best espresso coffee machines 12 If you grind the wrong size of coffee beans or the type of coffee you are using is too bad, you can replace it – fix it, but if you buy a poor quality machine, whatever you do will not fix it. Three factors affect the temperature of the water. Only the first element is easily editable and controllable. Boiler pressure and boiler temperature are directly related, so by adjusting the strength (or using a thermocouple), the technician can adjust the boiler temperature/pressure. This will affect the temperature of the grouphead water. You can simply understand that water is stored in the boiler, and even at the top (group head) where the espresso phase has a water storage, when the water at the head is used to make espresso, the boiler will push water to filling back. Usually, a stable grouphead temperature is the top feature to choose an espresso machine. However, the ability to change the temperature of the grouphead (called heat to prolong) is also a point to consider. For example, dark roast coffee may taste better at low temperatures, or medium roast coffee may be better with high temperatures.  

Choose the right machine for your capacity

If you serve about 70 cups of espresso a day, you should choose the type 01 group. If from 80 – 300 containers, you should select 02 groups. Sometimes, selecting 03 groups is also good because it allows an additional barista to help. We all know that customers dont evenly spread throughout the day, but there are unbelievably crowded times. And it is also essential that the large machine is able to keep the temperature stable better.
How to choose a coffee maker for an espresso shop 0
The last point is the size of the device. According to our experience and of the other owners, sometimes the size of the device affects the success of a cafe. Maybe you just need 01 group machines, but if customers see 02 group machines, they will feel you “professional” than the street using small appliances. This is most evident in Starbucks stores, which use “powerful” 04 group machines. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you choose the right machine for you!

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