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Does coffee make you tired? Here’s why

Caffeine in coffee increases energy levels and makes you feel more alert and energetic. However, not long after that, you will feel tired and drowsy. What causes this? The more you drink coffee, the more tired you feel. So, Does coffee makes me tired? If you are a coffeeholic or have ever drank solid coffee, surely you have had the feeling of being “intoxicated” on coffee already? This is one of the strange and unpleasant side effects of coffee. So why do you get coffee intoxication? What should I do when Im intoxicated? Join The Tenshi Coffee to find out in the article below!

Symptoms of coffee intoxication

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When youre intoxicated, the most obvious and common symptom is feeling hangover, dizzy, tired, thirsty. At the same time, your body will heat up, your heart will beat faster, chest tightness, be hard at work and focus.  It is said that when you are intoxicated, you feel more tired than intoxicated because the coffee lasts for a long time, the feeling of wakefulness is also more difficult to return after sleep.  

Why do you get coffee intoxication?

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The culprits of the intoxication of coffee are attributed to caffeine, when the amount of caffeine is loaded in the body too much (drink concentrated coffee) or drink at an inappropriate time (when hungry).  Meanwhile, caffeine causes the kidneys to increase hormone production, which makes you feel like your heart is beating faster, your blood pressure is rising, nervous system symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, tinnitus, … appear.

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 Not only that, caffeine also stimulates gastric acid secretion. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, it will damage the stomach lining, causing an unpleasant feeling. The science proves that coffee has a lot of good effects on the body, but only used in a moderate and proper amount. If you drunk on coffee, it can cause bad effects for your body. It is recommended that adults should only consume about 400 mg of caffeine per day, 100 mg for teenagers and pregnant women should be limited.  

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Why drinking coffee makes you tired?

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Thats because coffee blocks adenosine

  • Adenosine is a chemistry in the central nervous system. It regulates the sleeping cycle. Your adenosine levels rise during the day, making you feel sleepy. When you sleep, the levels of adenosine decrease.

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  • Coffee caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain from receiving adenosine, but it can not prevent the actual production of adenosine or the ability to make additional adenosine receptors.
  • This means that when the effects of caffeine decrease, adenosine binds to its receptors. This could lead to fatigue.

  Thats because coffee is a diuretic Caffeine has been considered a diuretic for many years. It makes you urinate more. Therefore, drinking a lot of coffee can put you at risk of dehydration. If you find drinking coffee makes you urinate more than usual, you may become dehydrated, causing feelings of fatigue.

  • Drinking a lot of coffee causes dehydration, drowsiness
  • Dehydration can reduce the amount of water present in the blood, affect the cardiovascular system, affect the maintenance of blood pressure and blood circulation.

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  • Dehydration can lead to tachycardia and low blood pressure. At this point, you will feel tired and slow.
  • When dehydration, the cells in the body lose the amount of fluid, affecting their normal functions, leading to drowsiness, slowness.
  • If you drink an extra cup of coffee to counteract the drowsiness, but the cycle continues again, and you will feel more tired.
  • Caffeine also causes vasoconstriction. This means it narrows blood vessels, which can alter the amount of blood flowing through organs in the body.

Why drinking coffee makes me tired 7

It is due to the sugar in coffee

  • If you drink sugary coffee, you will feel more tired. The body processes sugar faster than caffeine. After sugar is used by the body, you can experience a drop in energy.
  • How quickly this happens depends on each persons location, which can occur within 90 minutes of eating sugar.


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What to do when you are intoxicated

When you experience symptoms of being intoxicated, dont worry, try the following tips for being intoxicated. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to reduce the symptoms of coffee intoxication. Caffeine is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, but it is easily “filtered” and quickly excreted in the urine. Therefore, drinking plenty of water will quickly improve the state of coffee intoxication, the body will restore the amount of water and minerals lost when it is intoxicated.

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Gentle activities like walking, exercising or some yoga or simply resting and breathing deeply regularly are also ways to eliminate caffeine from the body. Not only that, caffeine is also acknowledged as an ability to enhance exercise performance. You can add starches like rice, bread, cereal flour, … to increase energy for the body. Although when you are intoxicated, your body is very tired and does not want to eat anything, but try to eat and you will notice a huge difference there.  

What notes to remember to not be intoxicated

Coffee works very well with the body, so you should learn how to use coffee properly, in the right amount, at the right time so that there are no side effects.  Always remember, no matter how much you like coffee, drink just enough coffee. Each persons coffee limit is different, but never drink too much. If you are a person with heart disease, stomach disease, … really need to be careful with coffee.

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Do not drink coffee with alcohol or medicine, because it can cause bad effects on the body. Ensure the time to drink coffee is 2-3 hours from the time of taking medicine.  

How to reduce these side effects?

If you do not want to give up coffee, follow the recommendations as below:

  • The amount of caffeine about 400mg is considered moderate, about 2-4 cups of coffee 240ml per day, depending on the type of coffee.
  • To reduce fatigue, avoid drinking coffee with syrup or sugar. You should also limit the addition of additives. After drinking 1 cup of coffee, you should drink 1 more cup of water (1 cup of coffee, drink 1 cup of water) may also help.

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If you are constantly tired and tired in the afternoon, try switching to decaf coffee or tea after lunch.

  • Remember, coffee is not the only thing that contains caffeine. Soft drinks, energy boosters, even some pain relievers contain caffeine.
  • The overall effect of caffeine on the body depends on the total amount of caffeine in your body from all sources and how often you consume it.

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People who drink coffee regularly, even more than you can get intoxicated if you accidentally drink too much, in a short time. This is because the body is unable to adapt to caffeine suddenly, which is higher than regular consumption.   

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  • When intoxicated, it is best to rehydrate and rest. The main dehydration due to sweating, increased salivation at coffee intoxicated make you more tired. Rest helps the heart rate have a chance to balance, will reduce feelings of restlessness, nausea, tremors limbs …
  • In addition, you should warm hands, feet; day press a number of acupuncture points such as the temporal vent (both sides of the forehead), press the line (middle of the forehead), the guild (top of the head), the custom (behind the neck, the hollow on both sides of the neck, near the hairline).

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  • If your heart beats too fast and hard, causing discomfort, can mix lemonade – ginger – sugar. Mix warm, drink slowly. Lemon juice – Ginger – Sugar helps stabilize heart rate.
  • Absolutely not cure coffee intoxication by drinking tea because tea also contains caffeine, which can make the unpleasant symptoms worse.

People who do not have the habit of drinking coffee but drink a strong cup of coffee are also very easy to get tired. So the next time you should pay more attention to the intensity and amount of coffee you drink.

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