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6 Best Espresso Machines Under $300 for 2021

For the days that Espresso machines always had Italian sounding names, they come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, in recent years, thats totally changed. There are many new players on the market today, and consequently, the value proposition in the lower end of the market is a lot better.
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Today, every decent espresso machine can be found if you can live without the bells and whistles of a premium model. The Tenshi Coffee‘ll take a closer look at the best espresso machines under 300 dollars in this article.  

Flair Espresso Maker With Pressure Kit

The Flair is certainly not something you probably heard while dreaming about an espresso unit. However, its a really wonderful little tool that can allow you to do household shots at the barista level.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 1

It has some clear advantages to it

  • Everything is pretty inexpensive here.
  • Cracking really is hard (and if you succeed, you should get the new parts quickly)
  • This is lightweight and small
  • It allows espresso 3-4 times the size, on the same level as machines.

Nevertheless, there is also a big downside

  • There is no steaming capability (= you simply cant make a latte or a cappuccino)
Also, since its a 100 percent manual tool, for each shot youll have to go through a quite tiring process. Granted, once you start to learn the program and develop your muscle memory, its going to be a breeze to pull a button. However, theres going to be a little learning curve. Ive been using the Flair for a bit, so I would suggest it to all true espresso lovers. Its worth noting that most citizens continue to think the same way — just that there are Little relevant reviews from this program. Pro-Tip: Get the Pressure Package variant for improved power. Its so much more enjoyable!  

Breville Esp8xl Cafe Roma Espresso Machine

Breville is an Australian company that has shaken the market production in coffee. Breville helps manufacture goods with innovative and clever technologies that cost only just a fraction of rival Italian firms.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 2
The definition, however, is important. Your conventional semi-automatic is very much about it. 15 bar pressure, thermo block, and a steam wand to produce the cappuccino foam. This style has no outstanding features, but in one sense it is nonetheless impressive. It has a remarkable track record. For more than 600 reviews with most of them very good on Amazon, it goes without saying this is a strong buy.  

Delonghi Bar 32 Retro Espresso Machine

This was one of the cheapest espresso machines and could take a good clip.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 3
You wont win any barista contests but if you have non-coffee snob friends, the quality of lattes and espressos will probably impress them. Bar 32 takes ESE pods too, and you can take some pretty epic shots with them. Moving daily, the quality of the shots is determined primarily by the grinder youll be using. Yet if you want this bargain version, you re going to have some additional wiggle room in your grinder budget.  

Delonghi Dedica Pump Espresso Maker

When we think of espresso machines for size, we cant help Delonghi dreaming. The Italian company is the undisputed king of a semi-automatic espresso machine which is a low cost.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 4
Its not a bad trend-on the other side it means that the organization knows what theyre doing. If youre visiting an Italian home, theres a decent chance they re pulling their powerful espresso shots on a device like this, too. The Dedica is one of the newer Delonghi models, but due to its unlikely thin and attractive design it has become very successful. This Italian coffee maker has the slightest footprint out there of any serious semi-automatic coffee maker. Now, it offers 15 bars and efficient steaming. Another plus is that it can also use ESE pods.  

Breville Nespresso Pixie Capsule System

If you want to have the chance that the espresso machine is perfect, on the countertop you d always like it to look nice. This one is definitely the case.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 5
Besides this it is worth remembering that this is a capsule unit for espresso. That means you re stuck in a proprietary system when it comes to picking your coffee. It was bad news back in the days when Nestlé still had a legal monopoly in the manufacture of beverages, but today you can purchase coffee from a variety of different roasters and brands. This type of espresso is perfect if you just want a nice cup of coffee without having to learn much about barista skills. If youd prefer taking a real picture to the more hands-on experience, forget about this one though. This has excellent ratings and you should be pretty confident the espresso will be delicious.  

Rok Manual Shot Maker

Sure, this one might take you off balance, so youve got to think about it. The Rok Espresso Maker appears like a massive walnut cracker but under the shiny hardware is hidden a skilled espresso machine.
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The unit is manual and non-electrical 100 percent. Its both good and evil. Its perfect as it offers you a solid tool that allows you a high degree of flexibility when you take a clip. The drawback is that there is more room for human error, and each shot has to be fought harder. Another thing to note is that theres no steam wand in there. So if you are going to cappuccinos and lattes, this is not your machine. But if you want a shot right drawn, just give it a go!  

Nespresso De’longhi Env135gy Pod Coffee Maker,

Not all Barista competitions win Nespresso. The shots are low if you ask me, not exactly a genuine espresso.
Top 6 espresso machines under 300 7
However, the nice news is you can create a respectable American without understanding a lot about coffee at all. If you are too busy to learn the barista art — and many people are already the first shoppers — endorphins have worn out — it will yield drinkable coffee. Especially if you pair it with a few capsules which are better than Nestle does.  

Go Deeper

Buy Advisory Espresso machines come in various sizes and types, and discovering the difference may be a little difficult. Some machines have a built-in grinder, and when youre brewing, it gives you more hands-off experience. They are classified as super automatics and tend to be very costly. You cant find great quality here in the $300 range. Last comes the espresso units, which are manual. Ironically, even though they are quite basic, they seem to be a little costly. That is since, commonly speaking, they are produced only by Italian origin labels. You can also find “non-electrical manual espresso machines” like Flair and ROK today. These kinds of tools on the market are a little new and of exceptional value. When youre not searching for a latte-capable unit, I d suggest that you look at it.  


A semi-automatic espresso machine will be great for most people reading it. These machines give you the right mix of convenience and hands-on feeling. Yeah, you do need to grind, pump, spray, and steam, but in a matter of minutes, youll be able to churn out a few lattes as soon as the system has had enough time to warm up (with such compact devices, it typically takes no longer than 5-10 minutes). The consistency of the espresso shot would certainly be higher with anything like the Flair Espresso Maker, but for that extra percentage of perfection, most ordinary people wont sacrifice a steam wand.

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