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Home Roasting Coffee in an Oven for Beginners

If individuals and businesses wishing to roast a large amount of coffee for business, they often use the service of roasting and processing coffee of reputable suppliers to get delicious, copper products. Even without spending much time and effort, individuals and households wishing to use small amounts of coffee every day often learn methods to roast coffee beans in oven at home. 
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 0

A. Roasting coffee with a microwave

How to roast coffee with a microwave

There are many ways to roast coffee yourself such as roasting with a pan, roasting with a mini machine and especially roasting by microwave. In this article, R&A company will share with you how to roast coffee with a simple home microwave.  

Choose a microwave to roast at home

How to roast coffee beans in the oven 1
If you do not want to contact the units who accept roasting professionally cheap coffee but want to roast your own coffee at home by microwave, what do you need to do?  First of all, you need to prepare yourself a microwave oven with the right features and designs to help create quality roasted coffee products.  Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of microwave oven from 25-35L to 50-80L.  However, you should choose the microwave oven that has the following design:
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 2
  • Choose the type with the lowest spacing between the skewer and the lower hob.
  • Choose a microwave oven with temperatures from 200 – 250 degrees C. This is the ideal temperature to create products roasted coffee beans of the best quality in taste as well as color.
  • Use perforated stainless steel sheets or bend the stainless steel into a coffee container to carry out roasting. These containers should be bent in a way that is suitable for the oven to be able to use up their full capacity and not to extend the roasting time.

The making of roasting coffee with microwave

After preparing a suitable microwave and a coffee container, you can refer to and conduct roasting of coffee with the following steps:
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 3
  • Step 1: Turn on the stove and keep the temperature at 100 degrees C. When the stove is hot, put the stainless steel cage into the coffee inside.
  • Step 2: Monitor the coffee beans color change and start increasing the temperature gradually to levels: 150 degrees C, 180 degrees C, 200 degrees C, 235 degrees C, 240 degrees C.
  • Step 3: At a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius, the coffee beans will gradually turn dark brown and begin to explode. When you hear the clicking noise, you will leave the coffee in the oven for about 7 minutes, then turn off the heat and remove.
  • Step 4: After taking coffee from the oven, you should use a dryer or fan to cool coffee. The faster the coffee is cooled down, the more distinct the fragrance will be.
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Above is a simple way of roasting coffee with a microwave that you can refer and make by yourself at home.  However, if you encounter difficulties or unsatisfactory results, please persistently re-implement or contact reputable companies that receive professional roasting to obtain aromatic roasted coffee bean products. Delicious taste in a short time.  

Should we roasted coffee with a microwave?

For pure coffee beans, quality assurance. It can be roasted by any method, including roasting with a pan, microwave or mini coffee roaster. The coffee quality is equally delicious. However, you may not always roast coffee with a microwave. Especially when you roast large quantities of coffee, serving business and business (such as opening a coffee shop, operating a hotel and restaurant, trading packaged coffee, etc.).
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In this case, you must use a professional roasting service. These units own modern machinery and equipment, roasting coffee with industrial chains. Roast a lot of coffee at the same time. Incorporate careful storage. So that the coffee reaches a good quality, retains specific elements (such as color, flavor, …). If you roast coffee within the family, serving the needs of enjoying each day, it is recommended to roast coffee with a microwave. It does not cost you too much time and money. You can enjoy the delicious coffee cup scrumptious right at home.

Roasting coffee with Grill Oven

Here, The Tenshi Coffee will introduce how to roast coffee with an oven very simple and effective at home. Many people want to roast pure coffee at home to ensure it still keeps the scent and food hygiene. However, a coffee roaster is too expensive, it is not suitable for households at all. Here, we will introduce how to roast coffee with an oven very simple and effective at home.

 Roasting coffee with Oven roasted basket rotisserie:

How to roast coffee beans in the oven 6
This roasting method is simple, least costly, the temperature is fixed, there is not much smoke in the house like roasting, but there is a little drawback that the coffee beans will not be roasted evenly because we do not stir the seeds, so no Hot air is not transmitted to each particle. Specifications: To be able to roast coffee with your oven at home, you need:
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 7
  • Oven for rotating meat, with horizontal bar slanting meat on both ends removable and motor rotating automatically; there is a distance from the skewer to the lower hob (lower heat bar) at the lowest distance (lower than the distance from the skewer to the upper heat bar) so roasting will be a lot faster.
  • Design volume of about 25l-35l, if serving for small cafe should choose the type with a capacity of 50-80 liters.
  • Having heat-resistant glass see through the oven while roasting, making sure to follow the process of manual roasting.
  • Oven must have a temperature of 200-250 degrees Celsius, because this is the ideal temperature to roast coffee.
  • You can make your own coffee containers by using perforated stainless steel sheets, or by making workers help, … The size should be suitable for the oven, to use the maximum capacity and save time roasting coffee get high.
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 8
It is best to make the distance from the coffee container to the lower heat bar (lower kitchen) as low as possible. In addition, you should leave an empty tray under the bottom of the oven to let the coffee pods fall into it, making cleaning more convenient. The Making:
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 9
Now you just need to put the coffee in the cage, turn on the oven in the temperature range of 250 degrees Celsius, monitor the color of coffee beans, hear the sound of beans, about 7-10 minutes, you can take it out, and make Cool now. Cool coffee immediately after taking it out  

Roasting coffee by oven tray

How to roast coffee beans in the oven 10
You should prepare a flat tray with small holes about 0.5cm (too big holes the coffee beans will fall out) and about 1.5cm apart for ventilation.  Turn the hot oven to 260 or 280 degrees Celsius, spread fresh coffee beans on the tray (avoid this beans lying on top of another to make the coffee cooked evenly) and cover with silver foil and place in the oven.  After 10 minutes of starting to check the color of the coffee beans, listen to the sound of the explosion … until 5-7 minutes later, you can take it out (depending on whether you want to roast in the usual style or have a bitter taste).  You should record the flavor, color .. of each batch of coffee to know what is best for you because the roasting time depends on each oven of each family.  When roasted coffee beans are finished, take them out and cool immediately.
How to roast coffee beans in the oven 11
Hand roasting at home will bring a different feeling Roasting coffee by your own at home will bring a different feeling Hopefully, with those simple methods of roasting coffee, but also a delicious way to roast coffee, you can make your own cup of great coffee at home.

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