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How long to brew cold brew coffee? Steeping Cold Brew Answer

You love cold brew for several reasons but don’t know how to make it? Or don’t have time to prepare for your own cold brew? Don’t worry, this article is going to share with you guys how to make cold brew with many methods and how long to brew cold brew. It is the fact that the process is not too complicated and everyone can do it at home. And Lincoln Restaurant hope that by the end of this article, you will be confident enough to make your own favorite coffee.

Why is cold brew so much better?

There are many reason making cold brew is better than other types of coffee, including:

Lower acidity

According to Toddy’s study, cold brew coffee is above 67% less acidity than hot coffee. The regular hot coffee’s acidity level could cause heartburn as well as damage to your teeth and the lining of your stomach. So, lower acidity helps prevent your teeth and stomach from damage. In addition, it is better for your body’s pH levels to be balanced.

Sweeter and Smoother

Cold brew coffee usually tastes more flavorful and less bitter because the coffee grounds are not exposed to hot temps. So, many people find that they need less sugar or cream when drinking cold brew which is good for your health because it is a way to cut down on added sugar as well as reduce calories intake.

There is little to no waste

You could use the cold brew concentrate to make a cup of coffee at the preferable strength, one cup at a time. And the concentrate will stay good at the fridge for nearly two weeks. So it is rare, if ever, to waste coffee.

You can serve it either cold or hot

You can prefer to drink both hot and cold cold brew with an easy way. Obviously, if you want to drink iced coffee, just add cold water and ice to the concentrate. For hot coffee, you simply boil water and add it into your cold brew concentrate. Or even if you are in a rush, it can be heated in the microwave.

why is cold brew so much better

How long to brew cold brew?

I guess you are wondering how long to brew cold brew. According to experts, the best duration to steep cold brew coffee is between 12 hours to 18 hours, but less than 24 hours. This time might change because there are a few methods to produce this kind of brewed coffee.

Making cold brew coffee recipes is not an exact science. Subtleties, such as how many parts water you need to ground, or what kind of coffee filter to use, are often asked.

One of the best methods to learn how to make cold brew coffee for your particular needs is through trial and errors.

On the fact that, each individual would prefer a different strength for their brewed coffee. Hence, you will have to experiment with several steeping times and water proportion.

Just notice that coffee grounds that are brewed for more than 24 hours will cause your cold brew to develop a bitter and woody taste. And remember that, if you brew your coffee at room temperature, 8-12 hours for steeping time is enough.

And if you want to steep your cold brew in the fridge, then the steep will rise to 12-24 hours because the extraction of the coffee from the beans will be slowed down by the cold temperature.

Your favourite recipes may call for different cold brew strengths. The main thing needed to remember is that the longer the grounds remain immersed in the water within the suggested time-frame, the stronger the coffee will become.

how long to brew cold brew

The 8 to 12-hour method

The first popular method is the 8 to 12-hour method. If you are usually in a rush, you will that steeping cold brew from 8 to 12 hours will provide you a similar flavour profile to a typical pot of percolator or drip coffee, minus the bitterness.

Even though this is less than the suggested steeping duration, it is still useful for you to shorten the period.

There are a few variables to consider time to make cold brew with this method. If you choose a drip system for your brew, the friction from dripping water will extract more from your grounds than a standard immersed brew.

Depending on your used grounds, you will likely extract a little more flavour applying this method over the hot brew. However, in comparison to longer steeping times, it won’t be as rich or robust in flavour.

The huge majority of people find that letting their cold brew steep for 12 hours will give them the perfect flavour profile. It also gives them the ability to brew coffee in the evening before, then it is ready before leaving for working during the day.

Compared to other methods, you might find that the 12-hour steeping method will easily fit into your schedule. This method works best for cold drip systems as immersion brews need a bit longer to extract the right amount of flavours and caffeine from your selected beans.

the 8 to 12 hour method

The 18-hour method

According to most experts, the best recommended steeping duration for your cold brew is the 18-hour method if you like something stronger. Typically, if you immerse your coffee grounds for 12 hours or less won’t make the coffee as round as and robust as your expectations, especially when you are using an immersion brew system like a mason jar.

Once you reach the 18-hour mark, you will also enjoy the more subtle notes of the bean.

Numerous people opt for cold brew coffee over hot drip coffee since it is more gentle on their stomach and more convenient for digestion. It also helps to eliminate heartburn symptoms which is not easy to deal with during the day.

Aside from a lower acidic content, 18-hour steeping cold brew coffee also has more subtle flavours without the harness of bitter solubles. This distinction is particularly important if you choose a dark roast, as it is infamous for harsh flavours and acidic notes that will seep through when brewed hot or for longer duration.

Remember not to steep for more than 24 hours in a fridge as it will produce more earthy and woody undertones that you might not find it pleasant. The coffee will be more bitter agents if you submerge the coffee in the water longer because chlorogenic acid found in ground coffee beans mix in.

One thing to remember that if you want a stronger concentrate, use less water ratio rather than soaking the brew for hours.

the 18 hour method

New and innovative method

Because of a dramatic increase in demand for cold brew coffee, rapid-brew machines have entered the market.

Now customers can use these devices to create cold brew coffee within a matter of minutes over hours. Hence, if you are looking to make cold brew tailored to your specific tastes, you could go and check various cold-brew-maker machines on the market.

Although these machines miss out the subtleties of drip systems or strictly immersion systems, these agitator-system and hybrid machines offer speed over finesse and it is a go-to option for most beginners.

new and innovative method

What types of coffee should be used to make cold brew?

There are several choices for you to make cold brew coffee, though the best cold brew coffee grounds are those with earthy and chocolate profiles.

If you like fruity and citrusy notes that are sweeter than drinking black coffee, you should consider African coffees and you should probably use a drip cold brewer if you pick these.

You will lose out on a lot of lighter notes with immersion brewer. Latin coffee is more preferable because it is more rooted in flavors for people who love to add some sweeter and milk.

Beginners might also experience some success with balanced blends because they have a combination of sweet and complex flavours and share elements of both African and Latin coffee. You will find it easy to drink black coffee with some added sweeteners.

No matter which beans you choose, don’t forget to try to grind coffee in medium to coarse grinds to get the best results.

what types of coffee should be used to make cold brew

What is the best duration for keeping cold brew in the fridge?

You might assume that once the brewing process is completed, you can take your cold brew out from the fridge. However, it is better to keep  it cold as long as possible.

If you make your cold brew concentrate at room temperature, once your steeping process is completed, store it in the fridge straight away. Leaving cold brew outside for longer than the required brewing process will result in a stable low.

The flavour profiles will be maintained if you keep your batch in the fridge. In addition, it will keep the coffee fresh if you go back for the second or the third cup.

However, you cannot keep your coffee in the fridge for more than 10 days as its shelf life is less than 2 weeks. You will easily be able to tell if your coffee is starting to feel off, as it will begin to smell and taste strange.

Is it ok for steeping cold brew less than 24 hours?

Yes, it is easy for you to choose the length of time for steeping your cold brew. But try to steep it in the time frame between 12 hours and 20 hours. Or you can soak for up to 24 hours if you are cold-brewing your batch in the fridge.

That said, steeping for longer than 18 hours and up to 24 hours might significantly change the flavour of your batch. For the best flavour and concentration, the best duration to steep is at 16 hours to 18 hours.

Is cold brew recommended for decaf coffee?

Definitely yes. You can brew a great cup of coffee with decaf coffee beans using the same brewing process. It is important to remember that not everyone drinks cold brew for its caffeine content.

There are many people who simply enjoy the taste of coffee, and using decaf will unlock all of the flavour elements of your favourite grounds without giving you jitters.

What is the recommendation grind for cold brew coffee makers?

There are some cold brew systems that may give you detailed instructions as to the proper grind size for that maker. Always follow the instructions included in the manual to ensure the longevity of the machine, while making the best possible batch with it.

The most important factor when deciding on a coffee grind is the filtration the ground will receive. Ideally, you should achieve a coarse grind similar to what works best in a French press.

The grind size will allow the grounds to filter nicely and still let the coffee steep in the water for a long time without dissolving entirely.

Coffee grounds that are too fine or small will result in a cloudy and particle-filled cold coffee brew and may produce a bitter taste as smaller grinds produce a higher acidity content.

That’s recommendation grind for the best cold brew coffee makers

How cold should the water be when brewing coffee?

The majority of the “coffee-making magic” happens when you allow time for your cold brew coffee maker to steep with your chosen grounds. The speed at which the good stuff extracts may be affected by the temperature of the water.

And also to note that you should make use of clean and filtered water for your cold brew. Besides the essential of choosing the quality of ground coffee, having clean and filtered water will impact the outcome of your cold brew coffee.

how cold should the water be when brewing coffee

What types of filters should be used?

Types of filter used to make cold brew coffee is quite crucial and there are plenty of variations available. Most home-based users rely on paper filters as they are easy to access as well as the least expensive. And you might consider buying reusable filters. In spite of being slightly more expensive, they will last a long time with proper paper care.

With cloth filters, you will want to rinse them with hot water after every use, store them in a freezer bag, and freeze them. When you need to make another pot of cold brew, defrost the filter in warm water.

Metal filters such as a french press are also good for filtering because they do not let many sediments through during the coffee drain process, especially when you work with a very coarse coffee grind.

In addition, for larger batches with coarse coffee grounds, a sieve with tiny and tight holes with a cheesecloth layered over it can be used to produce your own home-made filter.

What types of coffees can be made with cold brew coffee?

There is a variety of drink menu you can make from your cold brew coffee batch. You can use cold brew coffee concentrate to make cold brew with cream, blended frappe recipes, iced mocha coffees.

Or you can even heat your cold brew concentrate and add water to make an additional hot cup. The flavour of your cold brew will not be altered if you make it hot this way.

Depending on the taste and methods you prefer, you can be as creative as you like with additions such as flavour essences. Some flavour additives such as hazelnut, caramel, or french vanilla are great for enhancements. Or you can drink it black for that extra caffeine shot in the morning.

Your cold brew concentrate is also useful in many different desserts recipes as a tasty syrup or for a nature coffee additive.

what types of coffee can be made with cold brew

As can be seen, there many factors to affect how long to brew cold brew and taste or flavour that you are looking for. By experimenting with different methods, you would find the best suitable time frame and taste that you like. We wish that you could make your own cold brew coffee successfully after reading this article. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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