The best way to make Espresso at home 1
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How To Make Espresso Without A Machine At Home

How to make Espresso coffee will determine the delicious taste and the intensity of the cup of coffee, directly affecting the user experience. You need to find the right mix to enjoy the delicious taste. When mixed right, you not only save time and effort, but also get a much better-finished product. So How To Make Espresso Without A Machine At Home properly?. Lets uncover this secret in the article below.

What is espresso coffee?

Espresso coffee is a coffee made based on the principle of steam compression under a pressure, when to a certain point will spray into the coffee and squeeze out the most delicious, attractive coffee essences. This principle is applied and made into specialized Espresso coffee machines on the market today.

The best way to make Espresso at home 1

In the preparation of this coffee, there are 3 factors that are always necessary and the most important are:

Roast of coffee

The best way to make Espresso at home 2

The beans used to make Espresso must be roasted darker than other types. From there, the extracted coffee will have a much richer flavor, the taste is also better and more specific.

The fineness of coffee powder

With Espresso coffee and the type of machine to mix them, the coffee powder used to make delicious coffee preparation must choose the types with high fineness. The fineness of the coffee powder makes you need to use a much higher pressure to push the coffee out of the filter funnel.

The best way to make Espresso at home 3

How to make delicious Espresso coffee, appealing to users and stimulating taste However, if the coffee powder is too smooth or causes clog hopper. Ideally, you should find an automatic coffee machine with multiple grinding levels that vary with the fineness of the dough.

Coffee making pressure

The best way to make Espresso at home 4

Instead of doing it manually, now automatic coffee machines will replace this. They are smart and handy, integrating many attractive features to give you free hands when making and get a delicious cup of coffee.

The principle of operation of an espresso machine

Understandably, in short, people compress steam at a certain pressure, until water splashes into the coffee and creates a delicious cup of coffee.

The best way to make Espresso at home 5

How to make espresso at home quickly, attractive, easy to drink With the steam compression process, you only need to store the steam in an enclosed space with high thermodynamics, the steam cannot condense. Then you continue to boil, without exit the pressure will increase. When the pressure is as expected, you discharge it into coffee to get the result.  

8 steps to make delicious espresso coffee if you have a machine at home

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How to make Espresso coffee attracts users right from the first drops Making coffee is simple, but the taste of coffee is also very easy to play, different from desired. To make a cup of Espresso coffee that is difficult to resist, you must follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: First, remove the Portafilter from the device. How many devices does Portafilter have, it will make as many cups of coffee at the same time? Portafilter easily understands as a dedicated filter when making coffee.

  • Step 2: Press the drain button of the coffee maker, this step is to clean the system before making.

The best way to make Espresso at home 7

  • Step 3: Next, you add coffee powder to its dedicated filter. Coffee powder must be smooth. With 1 cup of regular coffee, you need 7 – 8 grams of coffee powder. If brewing 2 cups of coffee at the same time, 15-16 grams of coffee powder is required.

  • Step 4: Use your back finger to flatten the ground of coffee powder to facilitate the pressing.

The best way to make Espresso at home 8

  • Step 5: Choose a clean surface, prepare a solid posture and use tamper to compress the coffee powder. Moderate compression, not too tight.

  • Step 6: After the coffee powder has been compressed to a moderate level, you rotate the tamper and lift it out. The amount of compressed coffee gives you a much stronger cup of coffee.

  • Step 7: Now, you just need to put the filter back to its original position on the machine and press the start button of the coffee maker program. Remember to put the cap on the bottom, or the coffee will flow out!

The best way to make Espresso at home 9

  • Step 8: Now you wait for vegetarian coffee to come out. At first, the coffee will flow black, later turn dark brown, when the coffee transition to light brown, press stop.

The best way to make Espresso at home 10

Looking with the naked eye, if you see a caramel brown coffee, its okay. This is the right color for a standard Espresso cup. You just need to follow the instructions above to get an Espresso cup more attractive than ever. If you prefer to drink coffee, you can see how to make the best coffee to create a cup of coffee according to personal preferences.

How to make espresso at home without using a machine

In addition, we will show you how to make an espresso at home without using the machine:


  • Powdered coffee: 15g.
  • Aeropress coffee maker.
  • Small scales or cups, quantitative cup.
  • Thermometer measure.
  • Water boiler.

The best way to make Espresso at home 11

Steps to follow

  • Step 1: Take about 120ml of water into a boiling pot at a temperature of 90 degrees C. Next, take the ground coffee into the Aeropress bottle and shake gently to spread the coffee evenly.

When the water boils, pour the water into the mixing jar and use a stick to stir the coffee. After about 30 seconds of stirring, fully press the plunger of the Aeropress flask. Use the Aeropress bottle to stir the coffee for 30 seconds, then press the plunger all the way down

  • Step 2: Take out the jar. Look, youve got a decent espresso out of the store.

The best way to make Espresso at home 12

Standard flavored espresso without the use of a machine

How to drink espresso?

Unlike any other type of coffee, the perfect way to enjoy espresso is at the moment right after brewing. The reason is because the crema layer, which is secreted from the oil of coffee beans, if left in the air for a long time will dissolve and of course, the flavor of espresso will also be greatly reduced. So if on the table is an espresso without crema, then dont drink it. Because it is most likely prepared by a new barista, not much experience or preparation time from a long time ago.  

How To Make Espresso Without A Machine

Enjoy an espresso while the crema is still on the surface Espresso possesses a passionate aroma but still very gentle and elegant. Especially after enjoying the sweetness, it still remains in the oral cavity for quite a long time.

And above all, espresso is not a drink suitable for those who like to sit long, sip every drop but it will be suitable for daily breakfast, you come to the bar, order yourself a cup of espresso. With a small piece of cake, enjoy a coffee, tell a few stories and then leave to start your day full of energy. The way to make Espresso coffee is not difficult, right? It is important that you prepare enough safe ingredients and quality coffee machines, you can definitely make your espresso at home.

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