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How to make Vietnamese Coffee? (Ca phe sua da)

Vietnamese Coffee is famous all over the world. People in other countries have heard of a bitter drink served with hot or cold condensed milk, which is still called Vietnamese Coffee by Vietnamese people.

Introduction about filter coffee 

Filter coffee is a strong, sweet, and milky drink made of black roasted coffee and sweetened condensed milk. The steps to make filter coffee are extremely easy and its flavor is also very delicious. There are many people in the world who also love coffee that have tried brewing in a way of dripping from a filter and adding sugar and milk to enjoy at home.
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Many people believe that Vietnams filter coffee has a French influence, this may be because the country has introduced many kinds of coffee to Vietnam. In fact, all three things used to make Vietnamese coffee are: coffee, sweetened condensed milk (because the French cannot get fresh milk in Vietnam), and a coffee filter – a trickling filter put on a cup. The strong aromas that can stimulate the brain to become fresher and bitterness of coffee coming from Trung Nguyen coffee beans (one of Vietnams most famous coffee brands) used to make a delicious cup of filter coffee. Even countries that drink coffee use this kind of Vietnamese coffee bean, because it is just grown in Vietnam. Currently, Vietnamese coffee has been exported around the world, many countries are familiar with this traditional flavor, even they do not hesitate to buy filters for making filter coffee.
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Thailand is also a country that has the ways to make coffee similar to Vietnam, but there are two differences in the way that coffee is processed. First, Thai coffee is brewed in a pot rather than a filter. Secondly, Thais traditionally use corn, sesame seeds, or soybeans as a filler they mix with coffee. Because Vietnam produces coffee, they do not need to mix the coffee with fillers. Vietnamese coffee is brewed with straight coffee grounds.    

Instructions on how to make filter coffee

To make a filter coffee, you will need a few key things:
  • A filter
  • A cup of boiling water
  • 2 tsp roasted black coffee
  • Sweetened condensed milk
In particular, the filter is an inexpensive item, it is even very cheap and is sold at all convenience stores, from large to small, at supermarkets, and on online stores. You can buy a filter easily anywhere. If you do not want to use the filter, use a French-style press (another method of brewing in France). Normally, puree roasted black coffee will make your drink very bitter, so we recommend using Arabica coffee beans whenever you make coffee. Although it may not be completely traditional, using dark roasted Arabica beans will create a much less bitter and more delicious beverage.
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Once you have prepared the ingredients needed for the coffee brewing recipe, you can now follow these steps to make a delicious cup of coffee:
  • Place the filter on a cup (both items need to be washed and allowed to dry before use)
  • Add coffee to the filter (a moderate amount if you want a fresh cup of coffee)
  • Pour boiling water into the filter (let them bloom if they have been roasted). Before that, remember to rinse the coffee with boiling water once to eliminate the amount of heat that the filter will absorb.
There are many cafes where they have condensed milk ready at the bottom of the cup before adding the coffee, but in some places, they leave the whole coffee dropping before adding milk or sugar to get the most suitable flavor. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to drip a 100 ml water, or maybe it can take longer. In the process of enjoying the coffee, this is a very interesting thing to enjoy the taste of the drink.
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Note: To get a strong, delicious coffee flavor, you should add 1 to 2 grains of refined salt to the filtered coffee cup, these will help reduce the sourness from the coffee. Milk for coffee should only account for 30-40% is the most suitable, do not give too much because it will cause loss of inherent flavor.    

Notes when making and drinking filter coffee

Nutritionally, about 100 grams of coffee has 2.2 grams of water; 8.6 grams of protein; 11c fat; 36.7 grams of sugar; 2 grams of caffeine; 9 grams of fiber; 6 grams of tannic acid; 12 grams of calcium; 170 milligrams of phosphorus; 42 milligrams of iron; 3 milligrams of sodium; 12 milligrams of vitamin B2; 3.5 grams of vitamins. If you use coffee properly, there will be many benefits to the body, but if you abuse it, it will be a series of stimulants destroying your body. Therefore, when making and drinking filter coffee, you should avoid:
  • Avoid making coffee with too thick concentration: Many people are busy with working and studying, so they prefer to drink thick coffee to make them more alert. However, drinking thick coffee is really harmful to health.
  • Do not put too much milk in coffee: Only give a suitable amount of sugar or milk, so when drinking, it will increase the taste of coffee. On the other hand, it also balances the sugar in the body, limiting production of the insulin in the blood.
  • Do not leave coffee for a long time before enjoying: The longer the coffee is left, the more bitterness increases, this is not good for health at all.
  • Do not mix coffee with alcohol: No need to mix alcohol directly with coffee. If you have been drinking before, you also should not drink filter coffee, because it will make the brain work excitedly and stimulate the nerve, leading to an extremely harmful result.
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Above is the whole guide to making Vietnamese Coffee. Making coffee is not only based on the recipe, but also contained in it is an art with a love and passion for coffee. So hopefully, this recipe will help you own a great drink in life.

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