How To Remove Build Up On High Porosity Hair. Apply the double cream deep quencher generously over the hair, focusing on the lengths and ends. The yao women who come from huangluo yao village in china , have the longest hair in the world.they’ve even been recognized in the guinness book of world records for being the ‘world’s longest hair village.’.

How I Care For My Low Porosity Natural Hair Frolicious
How I Care For My Low Porosity Natural Hair Frolicious from

5 tips to care for low porosity hair. It conditions and provides a smooth silky feel to the hair. * you need to clarify your hair.

Apply The Double Cream Deep Quencher Generously Over The Hair, Focusing On The Lengths And Ends.

High porosity fine curly hair treatments. There are several factors that can be attributed to their extremely long and healthy hair but there is one thing that stands out: Medium porosity hair is in between high and low porosity types, so it can benefit from all apple cider vinegar application methods.

Remove A Strand Of Your Wavy Hair And Place It Inside The Water;

Try a simpler routine, using only one product rather than layering them. Be sure product covers all your hair. Once or twice a week — after moisturizing hair, put on a plastic cap, and let sit for 1 hour if you’re using heat,.

Don't Just Rely On Texture Alone To Make Your Hair Choices—Porosity Plays A Major Factor Too.

You need to get a really good clarifying shampoo i recommend kinky curly come clean. A little amount of product is absorbed and the rest remains sitting on the surface of your hair and scalp. If your hair sinks, then it means that your cuticles.

Gently Turn Your Head Upright.

After running your fingers through your hair or brushing, remove a single strand of hair. You have high porosity hair if you color and style your hair with the heat often. * you need to clarify your hair.

Or You Have Low Porosity Hair, Which Is Prone To Product Build Up Because The Cuticles Are Closed.

5 tips to care for low porosity hair. The no oils or butters in the first five ingredients is only for the 30 day hair detox and/or if your hair is dehydrated. To help the hair absorb product, do the baggy method;