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A Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Coffee at Home

Many of you are wondering how to roast coffee at home like? Today, The Tenshi Coffee will tell you A Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Coffee at Home
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 0
People think that roasting is very difficult for only roasters, coffee experts can roast, and to add to the mystery, coffee sellers who often advertise roasting need to there is a “secret method” that can be roasted, but actually roasting is only difficult when it is “dirty coffee”, coffee farmers who prefer pure coffee beans have been roasting themselves for generations. Thats it.  

A Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Coffee at Home

Roasting coffee bean at home is really fun and easy to do (just meticulously and a little technical), that you can roast already. 
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 1
You can roast in an oven, reuse the pan to make popcorn or buy a specialized tool for roasting coffee. But with any method, you get a better cup of coffee with your roasting and processing. There are simple ways to use home remedies that are cheap to implement. You will spend a lot of effort, and continuous monitoring time, maybe many other people use advanced coffee roasters will save a lot of time and effort. But it does not matter when you are really a coffee enthusiast, want to roast your own delicious coffee beans.  Roasted whole bean coffee is one of the most important factors in the taste and quality of the coffee bean. Depending on the ability, feel, and experience of each roaster, coffee will have different smells and flavors.
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Please note that the roasting stage is from 180 to 250 degrees for an 18 – 25 minute period. Currently, using machines to roast coffee, the time is shortened to about 8 minutes. After roasting, the coffee beans expand to about 40 to 60%, but in return, pure coffee beans lose 14 to 23% by weight. During the roasting process, there are many biological reactions taking place, and the result is a series of substances formed such as: coffee oil, coffee flavor, unsaturated fat …. and a type of starch that is converted into sugar and caramel to form a distinctive coffee color. To retain the aroma of coffee, after roasting, it is necessary to cool quickly.  

Preparing Raw materials

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Coffee beans: Choose the types of pure coffee beans, depending on the low or high humidity, depending on the type of coffee (arabica, robusta) that roasting time may vary. Tools required
  • Frypan or large pan depending on the number of roasted.
  • Kitchen: electric stove, gas, firewood
  • Blender is used for blending coffee when roasting is finished, in a mini blender or using a coffee grinder.

Roasting process at home

How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 4
Put the pan on the stove, put the coffee beans on medium roasting fire, avoid too high a fire will burn coffee. The important thing you remember is to constantly stir the coffee evenly, avoiding the case of the black bean below and the upper grain is white. Roast for about 15 minutes when the coffee turns brown. Bring coffee to a well-ventilated place, or use a fan, fan for coffee to cool down quickly to smell good, and avoid cases of hot coffee will continue to ripen, leading to burning.  

The detailed process of Roasting coffee 

The basic roasting process is simple: using heat to turn fresh green coffee into roasted brown coffee.  Roasting time depends on the method and scale, the amount of coffee but will be in the range of 10 minutes with small quantities and a maximum of about 16 minutes for a larger amount of coffee.
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  • Method using pans to make popcorn
The best way to prepare coffee or roasted coffee beans on the kitchen is to use an old popcorn pan. The best is a handle-style pan, which can be found at second-hand kitchenware stores or online. Roasting on a fire will help coffee more charming and more but will reduce the aroma and taste of coffee.
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 6
  • Step 1:
Put the pan on the fire. Turn the medium-hot heat over the pan to 232 ° C. If possible, use a temperature-controlled device to check the pans heat. If you dont have a popcorn pan and dont want to buy a new one, you can use a large frying pan or a metal pot. Make sure that the utensil is clean or the roasted coffee beans are not affected by any taste of the food that has been previously cooked.
  • Step 2:
Add coffee beans. You should only roast about 200gr of coffee at a time. Put the lid on the pan and start turning the handle. You continue to stir constantly to coffee beans are roasted evenly. If you are using a regular frying pan or pan, you need to stir it more constantly. This makes it easier to roast in a pan or pot.
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 7
  • Step 3.
Listen for the crackling in the pan, after about 4 minutes (sometimes it takes up to 7 minutes) you will begin to hear the crackling, which means that the coffee beans are starting to be roasted.  At the same time, the seeds also begin to smell very strong. Open exhaust fans and windows to let the smoke out. Note the time at which the grain begins to crack.  
  • Step 4:
Regularly check the coffee color. After starting to crack, wait a minute and start checking the color of the coffee beans. When the coffee beans reach the color you want, pour them on a tray made of metal and continue stirring until the beans cool down. Evaluate After roasting, the coffee bean is mainly divided into four shades: light brown, dark brown, dark brown and black.
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  • Light brown: a very strong scent flies out. Coffee at this stage when brewing has a high acidity.
  • Dark brown: Nutrients in coffee beans are very much, leaving most acids.
  • Dark brown: the acidity in coffee will be replaced by a slight bitterness. Sometimes a little spicy flavor.
Black, a bit spicy and bitter with carbon black, the taste is relatively strong.

Grinding coffee 

After the coffee has cooled down, it is best to spend 1 day and night, then you put it into a small mill, how to make sure not too small otherwise it will leak all the filter and when brewing will take a long time to run out of water in the filter.
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 9
Remember, although roasting whole grains is simple, you should also try roasting small batches of coffee first to practice to know the temperature, time, color … of the coffee you like before you start roasting. a lot of.  

Storing coffee

 After roasting, the coffee beans must be stored in closed jars, not covered with air to cover the aroma, to avoid moisture entering the coffee jars.  The jars of coffee must be kept in a dry place, without sunlight, and cool. High temperatures will encourage bacteria to grow and destroy the taste of coffee.
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If you want to keep the freshness of roasted coffee more than two weeks, you can place the jug of coffee in the fridge. It is imperative that you make sure that the jug of coffee is tight, the moisture in the refrigerator if inside the jars will cause the coffee to spoil.  When removing the coffee beans from the refrigerator, leave the jars of coffee to defrost in normal temperature for 2-3 hours before grinding coffee, and its best to check for water in the coffee jars.  Or not, if so, because you didnt close the lid and the refrigerator was on, the quality of the coffee would not be good. Finally, despite being kept in the refrigerator, the freshness of roasted coffee beans is only about a month.  
How to roast delicious whole grain coffee by pan 11
If possible, you should divide into small jars for easier storage of coffee. Using large jars, you have to open and close many times, making coffee quicker older. Coffee is a drink that makes many people “crushed”, but not everyone knows how to make coffee beans enough nutritious and delicious. When you sip a cup of coffee somewhere that reminds you forever, are you curious how they can make that so attractive?  In order to have a good cup of coffee, one of the important stages is to prepare the ingredients, especially how to process the beans so as to give the aroma and golden color as you like. So after these extremely simple steps in my Guide:”A Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Coffee at Home” you have had roasted coffee at home to make quality cups of coffee!

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