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What coffee beans does Starbucks use?

Coffee beans come from berries, a fruit with a red skin, when ripe, not much bigger than cranberries. Inside each fruit are two fresh coffee beans, each containing hundreds of compounds whose ingredients – and hidden flavors – vary depending on where they grow and how they grow their coffee. 
What coffee beans does Starbucks use 0
For example, when coffee is harvested on the top of a craggy mountain in Latin America, its dear taste is reminiscent of nuts or cocoa. Coffee grown in other areas can be more intense, authentic, and herbal when tasted in the mouth. So, What kind of coffee beans does Starbucks use?  

Arabica coffee beans

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In any region, the best coffee beans – blended with many fascinating, complex flavors and attractive features, called arabica coffee – grow under some harsh conditions, such as in high mountains, high temperatures, or prolonged dry seasons.  Such extreme weather conditions can produce high-quality coffee beans, but the amount of beans per tree is less. This makes arabica coffee more expensive, and thats why most of the mass producers (e.g., bottled, canned, instant coffee) choose to buy coffee—robusta with cheaper prices.  Cultivated in temperate climates and with predictable weather, robusta seeds are less expensive because each tree produces higher seed yields. But most robusta nuts are as bitter and chewy as rubber, as if they were holding a pencil eraser.
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For nearly 40 years of history, Starbucks coffee has never used a gram of robusta in their products. When the fruit is harvested by hand, one of the following two situations will occur: Either the outer skin will be peeled and the rice and the inner grain will be fermented, or the second way is thousands of tomatoes.  Coffee is spread out around the cement yard to dry naturally before separating coffee beans. Then, before filling each sack, their coffee experts will sample, or “sample,” each small cup of coffee to ensure that their flavor meets their standards.  
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Only 3% of the highest quality arabica beans in the world are qualified to be packed into Starbucks coffee bags.  

The flavors in your Coffee Cup

The cup of coffee is the end product of a long journey – from the land, the grower to the roaster, then to your eagerly waiting hands. Each step is important in deciding how the coffee will taste. Join us back in the journey to see how Starbucks helps ensure that coffee becomes the perfect cup of coffee possible.  

Roasting process

Coffee roaster examines beans during the roasting process Starbucks Roast is not just about colors – this product is the philosophy of helping each coffee bean reach its full potential.
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In 1971 they started roasting and that is how they approached the brewing method manually. This method helped Starbucks have too many fans at this time. their coffee stands out not only for its darker color, but also for its increased flavor. During roasting, coffee loses moisture and weight, which means it can be sold later. One pound of coffee is 10-14% weight loss in commercial roaster processing. You roasted your coffee a little longer to make it taste better. It takes 18-25% of our weight to do this, but this is worth the difference in taste. The transformation begins when a large rotating drum heats green coffee beans. The beans turn yellow after five to seven minutes of heat and smell like popcorn. And the “first crackling sound,” the coffee bean doubled as it grew. At this time, the coffee bean is light brown. 
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If you stop this process in order to sample coffee, youll find that coffee has a sour taste, a taste. No more wonderful, synthetic flavors have been created. After ten minutes in the roasting drum, the beans are evenly brown, and the oil starts to exude on the beans skin. Coffee beans start emitting all possible aromas in about 11 to 15 minutes (this time is different for each type of coffee). The second tap explosion marks the completion of the roasting process. The smell of the newly roasted coffee spreads out the air together with the applause produced by the final applause for the second bang when the coffee beans are poured into the cooling tray.  


Expert coffee taster tasting a cup of coffee.
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One of the things they value most about their work is to bring you great coffees from around the world. Some of the types they introduce are pure coffee that show off unique flavors unique to where they are grown – well cover these in a moment. The remaining types they use to create incredible blends and thats what well discuss here.  They can mix a variety of coffee at Starbucks to represent the special coffee growing region. House Blend, for instance, combines three excellent Latin American coffees into a product which represents the best quality of the region: fresh, pure, and very balanced. Gazebo Blend features fresh, committed and beautiful African coffee in ice.
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In addition, they can mix the coffee beans of individual coffee growing areas to create different aromas and flavors. Blended products such as Caffè Verona, Gold Coast Blend and Starbucks Christmas Blend, provide the synergistic flavors not found in their own pure coffee.  


They need special beans to make Starbucks coffee. They sample over 150,000 cups of coffee each year, searching for the best arabica coffee. Finally, only about 3% of the worlds coffee beans are packaged into their coffee packs.
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Each year, customers who buy Starbucks coffee spend about 18 weeks visiting coffee growers and suppliers. These relationships are vital for their future success-they reinforce their role in the quality and progress of the coffee business at every level. Thanks to these relationships, Starbucks has the first right to choose some of the best coffee harvests in the world. Almost all their relationships with farms and suppliers have been around for more than 20 years. What coffee beans does Starbucks use 9
These relations are based on a spirit of respect for one another. Starbucks works with farmers to achieve long-term stability in the arabica coffee market in order to buy the best coffee in the world. Farmers also have to succeed in order for Starbucks to succeed. See Responsibility for more information on how they conduct business.


World map highlighting coffee growing regions
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When they drink coffee in the degustation room, they look for the perfect combination of climate, land, altitude and farming to make a great coffee. When they tasted coffee, this was the question they asked ourselves: What types of coffee in a place knew well?  

Learn about the Starbucks roasted coffee spectrum

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With many years of focus and expertise, they have acquired the Starbucks Roasted Coffee Product Line. Each coffee bean requires a unique temperature and time balance to reach the peak of its aroma, acidity, composition and taste. Their coffee is categorized into three roasting modes Starbucks Blonde Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast – so you can easily find the flavor and consistency you like.
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Blonde Roast Coffee

With soothing and sweet properties, Starbucks® Blonde Roast coffee awakens its senses gently and provides an attractive and aromatic cup of coffee with hints to use this roasted coffee.

Medium Roast Coffee

With soothing and balanced features, their medium roast coffee is perfect for every coffee break.

Dark Roast Coffee

With their dense and dense properties, these coffees have strong flavors and characteristics of the level of careful roasting.

Why does Starbucks have to roast their coffee burnt?

Believing this question was not only my question, so I went around the forums and coffee blogs and took notes, later, when I finished the sensory skill and the teacher also exchanged, I There are more grounds for evaluating this through some summaries as follows:
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  • Historical factor: When Starbucks moved from raw coffee suppliers to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, they decided to roast boldly to make a difference to existing coffee brands on the market. To this day, if you compare Starbucks’s roasted coffee beans with a normal one’s, youll see Starbucks coffee roasted darker.
  • Consistency: Because Starbucks is the largest coffee company in the world, they re buying a large quantity of coffee, and the unevenness of the bean is very likely. So when choosing a dark roasting method, heterogeneous coffee beans are partially mixed with other beans and minimize the difference when mixing. This can only be tested if you drink perennial coffee, try many different types of Starbucks coffee beans on a regular basis.
  • Business element: Part of the homogeneity is mentioned above, but Starbucks also needs to transport coffee everywhere, usually 2 weeks from roasting to serving customers, and coffee. Their coffee also has a “expiry date” for a long time, etc. so dark roast helps the coffee “seems” to keep the taste longer (bitter taste).  
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  • Strong taste:  Howard mentioned that he spent a year wandering around Italy, learning about espresso and how to make coffee, and how to roast coffee beans. The idea was that when he returned to Seattle, he brought the knowledge he had learned to the American people in Europe. Maybe that dark roasting will create a stronger feeling for people who drink coffee at that time?  
  • Revenue: This is what many foreign friends are talking about, I record with objectivity, with the content that dark roasted coffee will give more bitterness, darker, make customers order sugary drinks, and more milk and more cakes. Personally its inaccurate because for the past five years I havent been drinking coffee with sweets.
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So with this information, hopefully, you can partly understand What coffee beans does Starbucks use, and next time you return to Starbucks, you can pay a little closer attention to their coffee.   Starbucks coffee is good coffee, and still arabica. Starbucks Reserve coffee is still a delicious coffee, and when you understand the brewing methods, you can customize the brewing, the proportions to make the coffee less bitter (bitter but still sweet aftertaste), find the sweetness. The taste of coffee or the sour taste is easier, even if it is a dark roast.

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